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Prince2 and Interactive Media - Is there a fit?

Prince2 is a project management methodology that is gaining in popularity. It started with the UK government over ten years ago and the 2 in the title signifies an updated version from 2005. Interactive media companies have traditionally not employed project management of any kind ... but that is changing. With the help of a number of interactive media practitioners, Elaine England explores just what the strictly documented world of 'big ticket' PM can teach the creative world of iMedia.
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Interactive Media - What's that? Who's involved?

At last the answer to the question: What is Interactive Media All About? Although we didn't manage to fit it on just one side of A4! (Updated 2011)
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The iProfessionals

The iProfessionals is an archived blog by Elaine England and Andy Finney looking at aspects of project management and other things that might impact on production of interactive media from copyright to technology.
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Technical Issues

The 'technical' volume from the third edition of 'Managing Multimedia' is now available for free download.
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The BBC Domesday Project

The 1986 Interactive Videodisc to celebrate the 900th anniversary of the 1068 Domesday Book has recently been in the news due to sterling efforts to preserve this innovative interactive production and maybe, just maybe, make it available again. ATSF's Andy Finney was a producer on the BBC team and has been involved in revival and preservation activities. He has written a web page on the background to the project.
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