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Project monitoring and evaluation

We evaluated and monitored projects on behalf of funding agencies such as the UK government and the European Commission and can bridge the gap between a project and the commissioners to the benefit of both sides. This sometimes extended to producing audio-visual material to promote and disseminate the results of such projects.


  • European Commission - Evaluation of projects for the European funding programmes from Esprit to Horizon 2020.
  • European Commission - Review Monitoring of Projects in the Horizon 2020, ESPRIT and IST programmes. These are usually RTD (research and technological development) or 'best practice' demonstration projects.
  • UK Government Departments - Evaluation and on-going monitoring of projects in the MMDP and ISCA programmes.
  • Design Council - Part of the evaluation panel for the UK's Millennium Design Awards.
  • EC Projects INFOWIN and INFORM - Production of audio-visual material to disseminate results of projects in the ACTS and IST programmes respectively.

Photography and audio processing

Andy Finney worked for many years at the BBC in both radio and television and regularly produces audio and video content for ATSF productions. He is also a proficient photographer and has contributed images and montages to projects as appropriate. These services were usually (but not exclusively) offered as part of a larger package for a client.

Intellectual property

Andy Finney is a member of the British Copyright Council (BCC), attending on behalf of the Royal Photographic Society, of which he is an honorary member. He is editor of a BCC project to explain copyright for a lay audience called the Copyright Highway Code.

Our knowledge of the development of interactive technology has led to us being consulted in patent 'prior art' cases.