Using your calendar

Just making a person feel special is enough surely! But we think the following list will trigger some lateral thinking.

Individual Gift
Each person can benefit from a perpetual calendar to remember all those important static dates like family and friends' birthdays and anniversaries. It saves time and effort every year as you don't have to transfer dates through to the daily dairy type of calendar.
Family Gift
As families grow, so do the number of important dates within and outside the family. Do as the Dutch do and hang a calendar at the back of the toilet door - then no one can say they didn't know about a birthday or whatever!
Professional Use/Gifts
Teachers: Nursery and Primary teachers can use a perpetual calendar to note down their new class's birthdays. This motivates kids to learn months and dates. Then the whole class can sing 'Happy Birthday' to the lucky kid whose birthday it is. This means every kid feels appreciated on their birthday.
Doctors/Dentists/Small Businesses: Have a calendar for your staff and give a cake or signed card on each person's birthday. This is motivational for your team. After all, you rely on people power every day. Give a little in return. It will mean so much.
Corporate Identity / Societies / Museums
Commission a calendar from us to represent yourselves. Localities and landmarks, people and activities can be captured in a perpetual calendar and sold for funds or given as corporate gifts for Christmas.