Set of early Elektra logos

Album Labels

A non-exhaustive selection of album labels from 1951 to 1973

US Elektra

These examples also show the development of the Elektra logo from a typeset use of rotated Ms through the script, atom, guitar player, E and butterfly designs. Early stereo releases had special distinctive labels, as did the Folk Box set. Discs that stayed on catalogue for a long time will have been released with various label designs. After a while versions to be used on promotional discs were introduced. These were based on the main logos but rendered in black and white.

Other US

Some distributed labels have their own labels or, in the case of Dandelion, a hybrid.


Early UK-produced Elektra discs used the same geared guitar player labels as the US releases, then a gold label. The first ISB LP had a white label and then releases had an orange label with a black E. The white and then silver E are variants used later during Polydor distribution. The black label is a Dutch variant. Japan continued to use a guitar player logo for a while. This example is from a Doors EP.