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Theodore Bikel Songs Of A Russian Gypsy

Sleeve:Songs Of A Russian GypsyAlt sleeve:Songs Of A Russian Gypsy

Elektra EKL 150 (Mono) EKS 7150 (Stereo)

Released: 1960

Production: Jac Holzman

Engineering: Leonard Ripley

Side 1

  • Beryuzoviye Kalyechke
  • Yekhali Tsigane
  • Dve Gitari
  • Kagda Ya Pyann
  • Svyetit Myesats
  • Kak Stranno
  • Nichevo, Nichevo, Nichevo

Side 2

  • Chto Mnye Gorye
  • Dyen I Noch
  • Metyelitsa
  • Snilsya Mnye Sad
  • Karobushka
  • Karabli
  • Sudarinya

A key 'hit' album for Elektra, and one that started the company on an upward trend in sales. Some songs in Russian and some in a gypsy dialect.

There are two different sleeve photographs from what seems to be the same session. The cover 'models' on the one shown here include an out-of-focus Jac Holzman holding a guitar and a balalaika-wielding Sasha Polinoff - who also plays on the album.

Stereo copy originally issued as EKL 250-X.

Various Artists Our Singing Heritage Vol 1

Sleeve:Our Singing Heritage Vol 1

Elektra EKL 151 (Mono)

Released: 1958

Production: Jac Holzman

Side 1

  • Lori Holland: Jack Went A-Sailing
  • Pat Foster: Strawberry Roan
  • Peggy Seeger: Rich Old Lady
  • George Pegram and Walter Parham: Little Old Log Cabin In The Lane
  • Lori Holland: Gypsy Lover
  • EG Huntington: When I Was Single
  • Paul Clayton: Roll On Buddy
  • Ellen Stekert: The House Carpenter
  • Dave van Ronk: Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out

Side 2

  • Lee Charles and Walter Raim: Who's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Foot
  • EG Huntington: Lakes Of Ponchartrain
  • Ellen Stekert: Froggie Went A Courting
  • Paul Clayton: Goodbye Little Bonnie, Goodbye
  • Myra Ross: John Riley
  • Pat Foster: Johnny Runkins
  • Dave van Ronk: Mary, What You Call That Pretty Little Baby
  • George Pegram and Walter Parham: Yellow Rose Of Texas
  • Peggy Seeger: Love Henry

Originally this was going to be a three disc series but, as you'll see later volume two of the three wasn't actually released (AFAIK).

Various Artists Our Singing Heritage Vol 2

Elektra EKL 152 (Mono)

It looks as if this disc was never released due to a last-minute licensing glitch. Goldmine lists it but is probably confusing it with EKL 153. Artists included Frank Hamilton, Bascom Lamar Lunsford, Pat Foster, Paul Clayton, Ellen Stekert and Lee Charles. The program booklet for the 1959 Newport Folk Festival, in its entry for Frank Hamilton, refers to this LP saying that these were the first recordings by him.

Frank Warner Our Singing Heritage Vol 3

Sleeve:Our Singing Heritage Vol 3

Elektra EKL 153 (Mono)

Released: October 1958

Production: Jac Holzman

Engineering: Jac Holzman

Side 1

  • The Jolly Tinker
  • Hi Rinky Dum
  • Lynchburg Town
  • Dan Doo
  • Johnson Boys
  • Jump Her Juberju
  • Jamie Judge
  • Lewiston Falls
  • We're Coming Idaho
  • Fod

Side 2

  • The Jolly Roving Tar
  • Frisco
  • Bay Of Biscay-O
  • Bony On The Isle Of St Helena
  • Blackjack Davy
  • Bold Dickie An Bold Archie
  • Raccoon
  • Fresh Peanuts
  • Victory

Although the front and back covers do include the sleeve title, the spine merely gives Warner's name. (Library of Congress lists these tracks as being on EKL 151.) Frank is accompanied on guitar and banjo by Billy Faier. I have heard of copies of this with a stereo number (7153) but I don't know whether they are actually stereo. A later reissue for Frank has 7153 as the matrix number as well.

Erik Darling Erik Darling

Sleeve:Erik Darling

Elektra EKL 154 (Mono)

Production: Jac Holzman

Engineering: Leonard Ripley

Side 1

  • Salty Dog
  • In The Evening
  • J C Holmes
  • Cumberland Mountain Bear Chase
  • Oh, What A Beautiful City
  • Pretty Polly

Side 2

  • Paul And Silas
  • Hard Luck Blues
  • Banjo Medley
  • Aboline
  • Swannanoa Tunnel
  • Boll Weevil
  • Let Me Fly
  • Candy Man

Paul Clayton Bobby Burns' Merry Muses

Sleeve:Bobby Burns' Merry Muses

Elektra EKL 155 (Mono)

Released: 1958

Production: Jac Holzman and Mark Morris

Engineering: Leonard Ripley

Side 1

  • Nine Inch Will Please A Lady
  • Our Jock's Broke Yesterday
  • How Can I Keep My Maidenhead?
  • Who Will Mow Me Now?
  • Johnnie Scott
  • John Anderson My Jo
  • Tommie Makes My Tail Toddle
  • Tweedmouth Town
  • Would You Do That?
  • Ellibanks
  • Beware Of The Ripples
  • Duncan Macleerie

Side 2

  • Muirland Meg
  • No Hair On It
  • Copper Of Dundee
  • Who the Devil can Hinder the Wind to Blow
  • Lassie Gathering Nuts
  • The Thrusting Of It
  • My Bonnie Highland Lad
  • The Patriarch
  • Duncan Davison
  • Know Ye Not Our Bess
  • Auntie Jean
  • A Hole To Hide It In
  • Can You Labour Lea

Guitar accompaniment by Fred Hellerman.

The front and back sleeve calls the disc 'Bobby Burns' Merry Muses of Caledonia' while the spine and label omit the Caledonia reference. The book of bawdy songs collected by Burns is actually called 'The Merry Muses of Caledonia', published around 1800. There seems to be some debate about how many of them he wrote and how many he collected. There was a note, saying that 'a very few of them are my own' which was later proved not to be writtten by Burns. The 1827 edition, according to the rear sleeve, said these songs were 'not for maids, mistresses or striplings'.

Oranim Zabar Israeli Troupe On The Road To Elath

Sleeve:On The Road To Elath

Elektra EKL 156 (Mono) EKS 7156 (Stereo)

  • Lami Dbar
  • Finojan
  • Hora Heachzut
  • Shedemati
  • Shir Habokrim
  • Ho Nave
  • Oz Va'a L'oz
  • Hey Daroma
  • El Hanegev
  • Yesusum
  • At Adama
  • Harderech Le Eglat
  • Arava At Arava
  • Hora Mamtera

Subtitle is 'Songs of the Negev'.

The Folk Singers The Folk Singers

Sleeve:The Folk Singers

Elektra EKL 157 (Mono)

Released: 1958

Production: Jac Holzman and Mark Morris

Engineering: Leonard Ripley

Side 1

  • Poor Howard
  • Peter Gray
  • Run Come See
  • Silvy
  • Hullabaloo
  • Peat Bog Soldiers
  • Deep Blue Sea
  • Pay Me My Money Down

Side 2

  • By'm By
  • Michael, Row The Boat Ashore
  • Little Maggie
  • Brown Eyes
  • (There's a) Hole In The Bottom Of The Sea
  • Banuwa
  • Room Enough
  • Keep Your Hand On That Plow

The Folk Singers were Erik Darling, Dylan Todd, Don Vogel, and Caroly Wilcox and both the sleeve and the label include the credit 'Under the direction of Erik Darling'. The disc is sometimes called 'Run Come Hear', which appears on the front of the cover, but neither the spine nor the label carry this title. Lawless does not list 'Run Come See'

Josh White Chain Gang Songs, Spirituals and Blues

Sleeve:Chain Gang Songs, Spirituals and Blues

Elektra EKL 158 (Mono) EKS 7158 (Stereo)

Released: 1958

Production: Jac Holzman

Engineering: Leonard Ripley and Jac Holzman

Side 1 - Chain Gang Songs

  • Trouble
  • 'Twas On A Monday
  • Going Home Boys
  • Nine Foot Shovel
  • Crying Who? Crying You

Side 2 - Spirituals and Blues

  • Dip Your Fingers In The Water
  • Old Ship Of Zion
  • Mary Had A Baby
  • Did You Ever Love A Woman
  • Every Time I Feel The Spirit

This album is usually known as just 'Chain Gang Songs' and the cover reflects that but the spine, sleeve back, and labelled sides give the full title.

Cuadro Flamenco Cuadro Flamenco

Sleeve:Cuadro Flamenco

Elektra EKL 159 (Mono) EKS 7159 (Stereo)

Released: April 1959

Production: Jac Holzman

Engineering: Jac Holzman and David B Jones

Side 1

  • La Isla
  • Aires De La Caleta
  • Tacon Flamenco
  • Punta Humbria
  • Llanto Andaluz

Side 2

  • La Macarena
  • En La Cueva
  • Los Aljibes
  • A La Feria
  • Tu Pelo Negro

Features Pepa Reyes and Angel Macheño (dancers ... which means 'percussion' in this context) with Juan Garcia de la Mata on guitar and Manola Leiva, singer.

Original stereo release as EKL 259-X and reissued as Nonesuch 2002 in 1965.

Ed McCurdy When Dalliance Was In Flower 3

Sleeve:When Dalliance Was In Flower 3

Elektra EKL 160 (Mono) EKS 7160 (Stereo)

Released: 1959

Production: Jac Holzman

Engineering: David B Jones and Jac Holzman

Side 1

  • The Yeomen Of Kent
  • The Shepherd
  • Old Brass To Mend
  • Celia
  • As I Walked In The Woods
  • The Merry Wedding
  • Whilst Alexis Lay Prest
  • How Happy's The Miller

Side 2

  • The Hive Of Bees
  • The Sound Country Lass
  • She Rose To Let Me In
  • The Country Wake
  • Pillycock
  • When Flora Had On Her New Gown
  • The Spinning Wheel
  • The End

The saga continues. This was the only chunk of Dalliance to be issued in stereo.

Theodore Bikel and Geula Gill Folk Songs From Just About Everywhere

Sleeve:Folk Songs From Just About EverywhereAlt sleeve:Folk Songs From Just About Everywhere

Elektra EKL 161 (Mono) EKS 7161 (Stereo)

Production: Jac Holzman

Engineering: David B Jones

Side 1

  • Pollerita
  • Ah, Si Mon Moine
  • Shir Hanoar
  • Din Plaiurile României
  • Rozhinkes Mit Mandlen
  • Darogoy Dalnoyu
  • Yerakina

Side 2

  • Oleana
  • Erets Zavat Khalav
  • Viva Jujuy
  • Ayil Ayil
  • Azizam
  • Peixe Vivo
  • Shney Khaverim

Two cover variants. The original with a black top banner and a later (from the 1960s) version with a white banner across the top.

Randolph Singers The Catch Club

Sleeve:The Catch Club

Elektra EKL 162 (Mono) EKS 7162 (Stereo)

Released: October 1958

Production: Jac Holzman

Engineering: Jac Holzman

Side 1

  • Which is the Properist Day to Drink?
  • Time has not Thin'd My Flowing Hair
  • Two Lawyers
  • Sigh no More, Ladies
  • If Eve in her Innocence
  • Give me the Sweet Delights of Love
  • Uxor Mea
  • How Happy are We?
  • A Bumper of Good Liquor

Side 2

  • Colla Bottiglia In Mano (With bottle in hand)
  • When the Cock Begins to Crow
  • Now We Are Met Let Mirth Abound
  • This Bottle's the Sun of Our Table
  • Come Live with Me
  • I've Lost my Mistress, Horse and Wife
  • Buz, Quoth the Blue Flie
  • Sweep! Chimney Sweep!

'At the sign of the diminished fifth, a gathering of The Catch Club to hear The Randolph Singers' says the cover: this is mixed acapella four-to-six piece singing in a broadly madrigal tradition, not to be confused with 'Barber Shop'. The booklet with the LP is quite substantial, including staff and stave as well as lyrics for once.

Originally released as EKL 204-X in Stereo, as shown here, and in this case the stereo 'sticker' is part of the printed cover. The round singing is particularly effective in stereo, and makes a change from ping-pong games and railway engines pulling up hills (other mainstays of stereo demo discs of the era).

Susan Reed Songs For The Wee Folk

Sleeve:Songs For The Wee Folk

Elektra EKL 163 (Mono)

  • Lolly Too Dum
  • Baa Baa Black Sheep
  • The Fox
  • Widdicomb Fair
  • Frog's Courtshp
  • Springfield Mountain
  • Courting Song
  • Song Of Twelve
  • Waltzing Matilda
  • Sourwood Mountain
  • Arkansas Traveler
  • Jimmy Crack Corn
  • The Devil And The Farmer's Wife
  • Lavender's Blue
  • Turk In The Murkadurk
  • Schlofe Bobbeli Schlofe

Gene and Francesca Love and War Between the Sexes

Sleeve:Love and War Between the Sexes

Elektra EKL 164 (Mono)

Production: Jac Holzman

Engineering: David B Jones

Side 1

  • La Cicoria
  • Jeune Fillette
  • Sponger Money
  • Vidalita
  • Mary Oh Mary
  • Meu Limad
  • Tamo Deleko

Side 2

  • Rosemarie
  • Tormentos
  • Come Under My Plaidie
  • Roy Tziga
  • Katya
  • Lord Randall
  • Ho-Ho

The label calls this 'Songs of Love and War Between the Sexes'

Theodore Bikel More Jewish Folk Songs

Sleeve:More Jewish Folk Songs

Elektra EKL 165 (Mono) EKS 7165 (Stereo)

Released: 1959

  • Hulyet Hulyet Kinderlech
  • Lomir Alle Zingen
  • A Zemer
  • A Fidler
  • Drei Techterlech
  • Der Becher
  • Kinder Yorn
  • Dona Dona
  • Unter A Kleyn Beymele
  • Der Fisher
  • Drei Yingelech
  • Papir Iz Doch Veis
  • Az Der Rebbe Zingt
  • Di Zun Vet Arunter Geyn

Originl Stereo release as EKL 265-X. CD Re-release on Bainbridge Records 25082.

Oranim Zabar Around The Campfire

Sleeve:Around The CampfireAlt sleeve:Around The Campfire

Elektra EKL 166 (Mono) EKS 7166 (Stereo)

  • Al Tira
  • Erev Shel Shoshanim
  • Hora Oz
  • Gozi Li
  • Shim'oo Shim'oo Esh All
  • Dayagim
  • Va Yven
  • Chi Dot
  • David Melech
  • Leylot Bich'na'an
  • Eretz Zavat

Two cover variations known: earlier release has the cover divided into two horizontal bands with a photo of the troupe at the top and a flame drawing underneath. The later one has a full-cover shot of the troupe taken outdoors doing exactly what it says in the title.

Saka Acquaye And His African Ensemble Gold Coast Saturday Night

Sleeve:Gold Coast Saturday Night

Elektra EKL 167 (Mono) EKS 7167 (Stereo)

Released: 1959

Production: Jac Holzman

  • Sugar Soup
  • Down The Congo
  • Saturday Night
  • Drum Festival
  • Concomba
  • Beyond Africa
  • Congo Beat
  • Echoes Of The African Forest
  • Bus Conductor
  • Ebony
  • Kenya Sunset
  • Awuben
  • Akudonno

High Life music from Ghana. Reissued as 'Drum Fever' on Crestview CRV-805. Original stereo issue as EKL 267-X.

Oscar Brand featuring the Roger Wilco Four The Wild Blue Yonder

Sleeve:The Wild Blue Yonder

Elektra EKL 168 (Mono) EKS 7168 (Stereo)

Production: Jac Holzman

  • Save A Fighter Pilot's Ass
  • Come And Join The Air Force
  • Give Me Operations
  • Itazuke Tower
  • Sidi Slimane
  • Army Air Force Heaven
  • Bless 'em All
  • Glory Flying Regulations
  • The Goddamned Reserves
  • Barnacle Bill, the Pilot
  • Fighter Pilot's Lament
  • I Wanted Wings
  • The Poor Co-Pilot
  • Cigareetes And Sake
  • Wreck Of The Old Ninety-Seven
  • Let's Have A Party

Original stereo release as EKL 268-X. (Also Bounty BY 6008 in UK)

The story behind this LP is well told on this web page:

Oscar Brand Every Inch A Sailor

Sleeve:Every Inch A Sailor

Elektra EKL 169 (Mono) EKS 7169 (Stereo)

Released: 1960

  • Destroyer Life
  • To A Wave
  • Guantanamo Bay
  • Reuben James
  • Steam Torpedo
  • Barnacle Bill
  • Home Boys Home
  • Captain
  • Didn't She Ramble
  • Battle Of Ormoc Bay
  • Laws Of The Navy
  • Sub Division Nine
  • Zamboanga
  • We Ain't Going To Sea No More

Reviewed by Time Magazine as ' largely unprintable tour through the racier passages of Navy mythology' ... which just about sums it up.

Ed McCurdy Son Of Dalliance

Sleeve:Son Of Dalliance

Elektra EKL 170 (Mono)

Released: 1959

  • A Petition
  • Character Of A Mistress
  • Rapture
  • The Miller's Daughter
  • I Dreamed My Love
  • The Presbyterian Wedding
  • A Lamentable Case
  • The Way To Win Her
  • She Lay All Naked
  • A Pleasant Ballad
  • A Maiden's Delight
  • The Vine
  • Three Birds
  • The Fornicator

Hillel and Aviva A Concert with Hillel and Aviva

Sleeve:A Concert with Hillel and Aviva

Elektra EKL 171 (Mono)

Released: 1959

  • Vehaya Bayom Hahu
  • Roe Verda
  • Ex Tumany
  • Al Chomotayich Yerushalayim
  • Shech Ebrek
  • In Mezo Al Mar
  • Ho Yain Yain
  • Joshua
  • Ho Lachish Lachisha
  • Nochenka
  • Dubinushka
  • Shir Rolem
  • Ein Adir Ka'adonoi
  • Chickens

When this was reissued in the Legacy series of Elektra reissues it was entitled 'Songs of the Israeli Pioneers'. (LEG 112)

The duo are prolific recording artists. According to the Israel Folk Music Archive they recorded for seven different labels. This may be small beer for a blues singer but it's still no mean achievement.

Jean Shepherd Jean Shepherd and Other Foibles

Sleeve:Jean Shepherd and Other Foibles

Elektra EKL 172 (Mono)

  • Peter Pain
  • Hudson-6
  • The Fun Funeral
  • For Men Only
  • Fellow Americans
  • Controversial Non-Controversial
  • Monkey On My Back
  • Better Living
  • Balls
  • Credit Cards
  • The Human Comedy

A comedy album. Despite the name, Jean was male.

Ron and Nama Donkey Debka! - Young Israel Sings

Sleeve:Donkey Debka! - Young Israel Sings

Elektra EKL 173 (Mono) EKS 7173 (Stereo)

  • Vayiven Uziahu
  • Kol Oriogin
  • Zamar Noded
  • Debkat Hachamor
  • Tapooach Cheinani
  • Ana Pana Dodech
  • Have Nagila
  • El Ha'ayin
  • Hatarnegol
  • Simona Midimona
  • El Ginat Egoz
  • Tzivoni Baya'ar
  • Yafim Haleilot Bikna'an
  • Pa'amonei Hatzon

An Israeli duo: Ron-Menahem Aliran and Nama-Nechama Hendel. As far as the US market was concerned, they were discovered by Ed Sullivan and brought over to America in 1958.

Oscar Brand Tell It To The Marines

Sleeve:Tell It To The MarinesAlt sleeve:Tell It To The Marines

Elektra EKL 174 (Mono) EKS 7174 (Stereo)

  • Honey Baby
  • Call Out The Corps
  • Man In The Moon
  • Reserves Lament
  • Wake Island
  • Dinky Die
  • Gee But I Wanna Go Home
  • United States Marines
  • Moving On
  • Pua Pua
  • Cuts And Guts
  • Old Number Nine
  • Bless 'em All
  • Marines Hymn

Two versions with two hats! As I understand it, the cover where Bill Harvey (the one doing the shouting) wears a hat with no brim was withdrawn because the hat was incorrect and the 'Smokey the Bear' hat was substituted.

Theodore Bikel Bravo Bikel! - Theodore Bikel Town Hall Concert

Sleeve:Bravo Bikel! - Theodore Bikel Town Hall ConcertAlt sleeve:Bravo Bikel! - Theodore Bikel Town Hall Concert

Elektra EKL 175 (Mono) EKS 7175 (Stereo)

Released: 1959

Production: Jac Holzman

  • Proschay
  • Buffalo Boy
  • Doce Cascabeles
  • Mul Har Sinai
  • Two Brothers
  • Harmonicas
  • Mot'l
  • Le Caissier
  • Barnyards O'Delgatty
  • Digging The Weans
  • Coplas
  • Sano Duso
  • Chemdat I
  • Kretchma
  • Nitchevo Nitchevo Nitchevo

Recorded in concerts at New York Town Hall October 12th 1958 and April 5th 1959. The sleeve includes an extra full-size page and comprises notes, film and theatre appearance information and lyrics.

An alternate sleeve, with a photograph of Theo, was used for a UK release. This so-called Elektra Special, with catalogue number EKLSP 175, was part of an initial set of albums released on the Elektra label by Audio Fidelity (England) Ltd in 1960.

Shel Silverstein and the Red Onions Hairy Jazz

Sleeve:Hairy Jazz

Elektra EKL 176 (Mono) EKS 7176 (Stereo)

Released: 1959

Production: Jac Holzman

Engineering: David B Jones

Side 1

  • I'm Satisfied With My Girl
  • Go Back Where You Got It Last Night
  • Broken Down Mama
  • Somebody Else Not Me
  • Good Whiskey
  • I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now

Side 2

  • Who Walks In
  • Kitchen Man
  • Sister Kate
  • A Good Man Is Hard to Find
  • Pass Me By Just Like You Never Knowed Me
  • Ragged but Right

The first album from Shel Silverstein, who eventually became something of a 'household name' as the writer behind Dr Hook and the Medicine Show. He contributed sleeve notes and some drawings to many Elektra albums of this period (Jean Shepherd for example - who returns the favour on this LP).

The Red Onion Jazz Band (as they are called on the rear sleeve): Frank Laidlaw (trumpet), Joe Muranayi (clarinet), Steve Knight (trombone and tuba), Steve Lardner (banjo), Bob Greene (piano), Arnie Hyman (bass) and Bob Thompson (drums). The sleeve notes that Mr Silverstein uses Stineway Kazoos exclusively and the shouts are by 'the inmates of cell 6 of our institution'.

The album, renamed 'Stag Party', was also released as Crestview CRV-804

Bob Gibson Ski Songs

Sleeve:Ski Songs

Elektra EKL 177 (Mono) EKS 7177 (Stereo)

  • Celebrated Skier
  • In This White World
  • Super Skier
  • My Highlands Lassie
  • Bend In His Knees
  • Talking Skier
  • Ski Patrol
  • Skiin' In The Mornin'
  • Super Skier's Last Race
  • What'll We Do
  • Skol To The Skier

Oscar Brand Out Of The Blue

Sleeve:Out Of The Blue

Elektra EKL 178 (Mono) EKS 7178 (Stereo)

  • Flying Fortress
  • Will You Go Boom Today?
  • I Learned About Flying From Them
  • Lee's Hoochie
  • Air Force Ground Crew
  • It's A Shyme
  • Pilot's Heaven
  • Pilot Of Renown
  • Yankee Dollar
  • Prettiest Ship
  • In Flight Refueling
  • New Guinea Strafers
  • Stand To Your Glasses
  • Our Bomber Files 10,000 Miles
  • Airman's Toast

Anita Ellis The World In My Arms

Sleeve:The World In My Arms

Elektra EKL 179 (Mono) EKS 7179 (Stereo)

  • World In My Arms
  • A Lady Must Live
  • Someone To Watch Over Me
  • A Woman Is A Sometime Thing
  • Everywhere I Look
  • Yellow Flower
  • Fun To Be Fooled
  • He Loves And She Loves
  • Who Can I Turn To
  • Put The Blame On Mame
  • It Never Was You
  • Man In My Life

The Limeliters The Limeliters

Sleeve:The Limeliters

Elektra EKL 180 (Mono) EKS 7180 (Stereo)

Released: 1961

Production: Jac Holzman

  • The Hammer Song
  • Battle At Gandessa
  • Charlie, the Midnight Marauder
  • Zhankoye
  • When I First Came To This Land
  • Malaguena Salerosa
  • The Bear Chase
  • The Burro
  • Gari Gari
  • John Henry, the Steel Driving Man
  • Take My True Love By The Hand
  • Lonesome Traveler

This was Elektra's first Billboard Top 100 album, reaching number 72 in 1961. With typical Holzman generosity, the sleeve note refers to the Limelighter's album 'Tonight in Person' for RCA.

Will Holt The Exciting Artistry Of Will Holt

Sleeve:The Exciting Artistry Of Will Holt

Elektra EKL 181 (Mono) EKS 7181 (Stereo)

  • Bilbao Song
  • Mack The Knife
  • Alabama Song
  • Kanonen Song
  • Sailor's Tango
  • Nobody Knows You
  • Eagle And Me
  • When The World Was Young
  • I Love Paris
  • Broadway Is A Tame Street
  • Blues In The Night

Seafarers Chorus featuring Eugene Brice We Sing Of The Sea

Sleeve:We Sing Of The Sea

Elektra EKL 182 (Mono) EKS 7182 (Stereo)

Released: 1960

Production: Jac Holzman

  • Haul On The Bowline
  • Blood Red Roses
  • Hangin' Johnny
  • Clear The Track
  • Lowlands
  • Whiskey-O Johnny-O
  • Eternal Father
  • Bottle-O
  • Whup Jamboree
  • Reuben Ranzo
  • Amelia, Where ya Bound to
  • Girl With The Blue Dress On
  • Paddy West
  • Sally Brown
  • Boney
  • New Bedford Whalers
  • Rolling Home

Conducted by Milt Okun

Oscar Brand and the Sea Wolves Boating Songs and All That Bilge

Sleeve:Boating Songs and All That Bilge

Elektra EKL 183 (Mono) EKS 7183 (Stereo)

Released: 1960

  • Great Big Little Boat Show
  • U S Power Squadron
  • Get A Horse
  • The Captain's Daughter
  • Talking Houseboat
  • Ten Little Fishermen
  • Head On The Yacht Club Bar
  • The Yachting Pennant
  • The Sea Wolf
  • Yacht Club Blues
  • Small Boat Calypso
  • Skin Diver's Lament
  • Wet Pants Club
  • Blow Me Home

Joyce Grenfell Presenting Joyce Grenfell

Sleeve:Presenting Joyce Grenfell

Elektra EKL 184 (Mono)

  • Hello Song
  • Life And Literature
  • Thought For Today
  • Two Songs My Mother Taught Me
  • Nursery School
  • Life Story
  • I Like Life
  • Time To Waste
  • Three Brothers
  • Artist's Room
  • Mediocre Waltz
  • Committee

A unique English comedienne and actress, Joyce Grenfell made her name on record with monologues about the trials of looking after children. Her role, repeated often in films, was that of a dotty school mistress.

Theodore Bikel Songs Of Russia Old And New

Sleeve:Songs Of Russia Old And New

Elektra EKL 185 (Mono) EKS 7185 (Stereo)

Released: 1961

  • Pomnyu Ya (I Remember)
  • Yamschik Gani-Ka K Yaru (Coachman Away to the Fair)
  • Noch Tikha (Quiet Night)
  • Polso Bylo Lyublyatse (I Never Meant to Love)
  • Gari Gari Maya Zvyezda (Twinkle Twinkle My Star)
  • Chupchik (Curly Forelock)
  • Vyecherny Zvon (Evening Bells)
  • At Volgi Da Dona (From the Volga to the Don)
  • Taiyanochka (The Concertina)
  • Padmaskovniye Vyechera (Moscow Evenings)
  • Padrushka Milaya (My Old Pal)
  • Katiusha
  • Pravazhanye (Parting)
  • Tyomnaya Noch (Dark Night)

Items 1-7 are 'Songs of Old Russia' and the rest 'Songs of New Russia'. Alternate title seen in catalogues: 'Songs of a Russian Gysy Vol II'.

Oranim Zabar Troupe featuring Guela Gill Hora! Songs and Dances of Israel

Sleeve:Hora! Songs and Dances of Israel

Elektra EKL 186 (Mono) EKS 7186 (Stereo)

  • Mayeem
  • Hineh Ma Tov
  • In Hashachar
  • Harmonica
  • Itee Milvanon
  • Krakowiak
  • Hora Mechona
  • Dodi Li
  • Bat Hareem
  • Mechol Ovadia
  • El Ginat Egoz
  • Vedaveed

Ron and Nama Sabra - The Heart of Young Israel

Sleeve:Sabra - The Heart of Young Israel

Elektra EKL 187 (Mono) EKS 7187 (Stereo)

Released: 1960

  • Shir Hakatar
  • Shir Ro'im
  • Hasela Ha'adom
  • Ta'am Haman
  • Migdalor
  • Debka Rafiach
  • Belev Haleil
  • Ki Tin'am
  • Ni Shikora
  • Germalim
  • Shayeret Harochvim
  • Pizmon Hagez
  • Eten Bamidbar

Oscar Brand Sports Car (Songs For Big Wheels)

Sleeve:Sports Car (Songs For Big Wheels)

Elektra EKL 188 (Mono) EKS 7188 (Stereo)

Released: 1960

Production: Jac Holzman

  • Sports Car Casanova
  • That's What I Should Have Said
  • Grand Prix Of Monaco
  • Viva La Mille Miglia
  • What'll We Do With The Baby-O
  • Accessories After The Fact
  • Atomic Hot Rod
  • Old Crocks To Brighton
  • Liars Club
  • Rally Song
  • Classified Ads
  • Sports Car Haven
  • How To Be A Hero Driver
  • Beep Beep

Various Artists (Oscar Brand, Will Holt, Oranim-Zabar, Theo Bikel) Newport Folk Festival 1960

Sleeve:Newport Folk Festival 1960

Elektra EKL 189 (Mono) EKS 7189 (Stereo)

  • Oscar Brand: Talking Atomic Blues
  • Oscar Brand: Great Selchie Of Shule Skerry
  • Oscar Brand: Horse With A Union Label
  • Will Holt: Three Jovial Huntsmen
  • Will Holt: Edward Ballad
  • Will Holt: MTA
  • Oranim-Zabar Troupe: Bukhara
  • Oranim-Zabar Troupe: Russian Spoof
  • Oranim-Zabar Troupe: Ayil Ayil (The Ram)
  • Theodore Bikel: Al Harim (On the Mountains)
  • Theodore Bikel: Mi Caballo (My Horse)
  • Theodore Bikel: Three Jolly Rogues
  • Theodore Bikel: Eres Alta (You Shan't Tell)
  • Theodore Bikel: Galveston Flood

There was an alternative album on this number - 'Dear Sir! Madcap letters from Juliett Lowell's hilarious collection' - listed on liner catalogues. [Does this exist?]

Zacherley Spook Along With Zacherley

Sleeve:Spook Along With Zacherley

Elektra EKL 190 (Mono) EKS 7190 (Stereo)

Released: 1960

Production: Stan Rhodes and Gerald Alters

Side 1

  • Coolest Little Monster
  • A Wicked Thought
  • Ghoul View Commercial
  • Sure Sign of Spring
  • Transylvania PTA
  • Frank and Drac are Back

Side 2

  • Come With me to Transylvania
  • Spider Man Lullaby
  • Ring-a-ding Orangutang
  • Baying at the Moon
  • Zacherley for President

DJ John Jacherley had made his name as host of horror movie shows on TV in Philadelphia and New York and with a novelty hit 'Dinner with Drac' (not on this album). Reissued on Crestview records in 1963 under the title 'Zacherley's Monster Gallery', CRV 803. The original album packaging included a 'Zacherley for President' book and poster set.

The MacPherson Singers and Dancers of Scotland Caledonia


Elektra EKL 191 (Mono) EKS 7191 (Stereo)

Production: Jac Holzman

Recorded: Record Supervision studios, London

Side 1

  • Road To The Isles
  • Ubhi -Abhi
  • Scots Wha Hae
  • Eriskay Love Lilt
  • Dashing White Sergeant
  • Lewis Bridal Song
  • A Man's A Man For A That
  • Border Ballad

Side 2

  • Green Hills Of Tyrol
  • Uist Tramping Song
  • Ho-ree Ho-ro
  • Bonnie Dundee
  • Iona Boat Song
  • Laird O'Cockpen
  • Flow Gently Sweet Afton
  • Scotland The Brave

With Ian Macpherson on piano and Alan Knox on accordian. This disc was later reissued on Nonesuch HS-72006.

Casey Anderson Goin' Places

Sleeve:Goin' Places

Elektra EKL 192 (Mono) EKS 7192 (Stereo)

  • Nine Hundred Miles
  • Steel's Gotta Be Drove
  • Yankee And A Rebel
  • Trooper And The Maid
  • Frank Slide
  • John Henry
  • Waiting For Johnny
  • Strawberries
  • Black Girl
  • Pastures Of Plenty
  • Grizzly Bear
  • Gonna Leave This Town

Josh White Spirituals and Blues

Sleeve:Spirituals and Blues

Elektra EKL 193 (Mono) EKS 7193 (Stereo)

Production: Jac Holzman and Mark Abramsom

  • Southern Exposure
  • Red Sun
  • Silicosis Blues
  • Black Snake
  • Things About Coming My Way
  • I've Got That Pure Religion
  • Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen
  • I Know King Jesus
  • Just A Closer Walk With Thee
  • I Don't Intend To Die In Egypt

With Bill Lee (bass) and Walter Perkins (drums). Josh White Jr appears on I know King Jesus and A Closer Walk with Thee

Sasha Polinoff and His Russian Gypsy Orchestra Balalaika


Elektra EKL 194 (Mono) EKS 7194 (Stereo)

  • Polianka
  • Polushko Polie
  • Uydu Ya Na Rechenku
  • Troika
  • Vniz Po Matushke Po Volge
  • Hussari
  • Bessarabia
  • Padmaskovniye Vyechera
  • Buran
  • Starinny Valz
  • Ukrainskoye Poopuri
  • Ochi Chornya

Jean Shepherd Will Failure Spoil Jean Shepherd?

Sleeve:Will Failure Spoil Jean Shepherd?

Elektra EKL 195 (Mono)

Production: Jac Holzman

  • Purgatories
  • The Playboy Syndrome
  • My First Blind Date
  • Little Orphan Annie
  • The Great American Dream
  • Bacchanal At Sheridan Square

Comedy album. Recorded Christmas week 1960 at One Sheridan Square.

Ben and Adam The Dudaim

Sleeve:The Dudaim

Elektra EKL 196 (Mono) EKS 7196 (Stereo)

  • Bamsila Le Be'ersheva
  • Rad Halayla
  • Kfar Radum
  • Shir Malachim
  • Erev Ba
  • Habachurim Ayefim
  • Debka Ha'abir
  • Afuego
  • L'Automne
  • Selo Napao
  • My Rovin' Eye
  • Ron Tslil
  • Ets Harimon
  • Derech Hatabak

Ben Andursky and Adam Gurion

Bob Gibson Yes I See

Sleeve:Yes I See

Elektra EKL 197 (Mono) EKS 7197 (Stereo)

Production: Jac Holzman and Mark Abramson

  • Yes I See
  • Springhill Mine Disaster
  • Well, Well, Well
  • You Can Tell The World
  • Copper Kettle
  • John Henry
  • Gilgarry Mountain
  • Motherless Children
  • Daddy Roll 'Em
  • Trouble In Mind
  • By and By
  • Blues Around My Head

Oscar Brand Up In The Air - Songs for the Madcap Airman

Sleeve:Up In The Air - Songs for the Madcap Airman

Elektra EKL 198 (Mono) EKS 7198 (Stereo)

  • Teterboro Tower
  • Loaded Down
  • Gooney Bird
  • When I First Set Out To Fly
  • A and E Mechanics
  • Light Planes On Parade
  • Checklist Song
  • Line Boy
  • Plane Talk
  • Roving Flyer
  • From The Cab Docket
  • Passenger's Lament
  • Masters Of The Air

Peter Myers and Ronnie Cass Go To Blazes - The Outrageous Wit of Peter Myers and Ronnie Cass

Sleeve:Go To Blazes - The Outrageous Wit of Peter Myers and Ronnie Cass

Elektra EKL 199 (Mono) EKS 7199 (Stereo)

Released: 1960

  • Like a Party
  • Reich Pudding
  • Song for Susan
  • The Importance of Being the First Oscar
  • Kiss me Hardy
  • Great Little World
  • Apartheid
  • Goodbye Ike
  • Soho Notice Board
  • I Wish we were Teenagers Now
  • Lest we Forget

Another example of Jac Holzman's addiction to British humour. Pete Myers and Ronnie Cass are perhaps better known unde their pen names of Lerner and Loewe. They wrote the screenplay for 'The Young Ones', which was Cliff Richard's second movie (Cliff Who? - American Editor.) Their sketch 'Reich Pudding', when performed on the BBC, led to an official apology to the German government - but not from Myers and Cass! Oh yes ... they are apparently under sentence of death in Egypt as well. In sleevenotes veritas.