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Lord Buckley The Best of Lord Buckley

Sleeve:The Best of Lord Buckley

Crestview CRV 801 (Mono)

Released: April 1963

Production: Jim Dickson

Engineering: Charles Tacot

Side 1

  • The Nazz
  • Gettysburg Address
  • The Hip Gahn

Side 2

  • Jonah and the Whale
  • Marc Antony's Funeral Oration
  • Nero

Crestview was an imprint that Elektra used mostly for repackaging of albums; or as Billboard put it (on Jan 12th 1963) "to deal in far out and offbeat waxings".

The name, it seems, comes from the name of the Beverley Hills telephone exchange where Elektra's west coast office connected. The label was launched with a full-page ad in Billboard on April 13th 1963, described as "A feast fit for a famished lion". It was to have been called something else, presumably based on the lion in the logo, but the name had to change at the last minute as someone else started using the original one. So Crestview it became. This album is one of those on the mantlepiece in the cover shot for Dylan’s ‘Bringing it all Back Home’ album.

Elektra EKS 74047 is a reissue of this LP. For more info on his lordship, see

Fred Engelberg The Smoke Dreams of Fred Engelberg

Sleeve:The Smoke Dreams of Fred Engelberg

Crestview CRV 802 (Mono)

Released: 1963

Production: James Dickson

Side 1

  • Who am I?
  • The Magic Lamp
  • Alex the Artist
  • Picasso is a Priest
  • The Decline and Fall of Spencer Sensitive
  • Barefoot Boy of Bazrah

Side 2

  • Boy and the Butterfly
  • Charlie Coolzit
  • Poor Sam
  • Boy, Bird and Baboon
  • Edgar Tobias
  • Let Me Be
  • Abterranean Appeal

Fred Engelberg's first album, said to be "a rare insight into a rare human being" (in a Crestview catalogue sheet).

Zacherle Zacherle's Monster Gallery

Sleeve:Zacherle's Monster Gallery

Crestview CRV 803 (Mono) CRS 7803 (Stereo)

Released: April 1963

Side 1

  • Coolest Little Monster
  • A Wicked Thought
  • Ghoul View Commercial
  • Sure Sign of Spring
  • Transylvania PTA
  • Frank and Drac are Back

Side 2

  • Come With me to Transylvania
  • Spider Man Lullaby
  • Ring-a-ding Orangutang
  • Baying at the Moon
  • Zacherley for President

Reissue of 'Spook Along With Zacherley', Elektra 190. Cover Art by Jack Davis of Mad Magazine. I’ve seen reissues of this, on green/orange vinyl, from 2017 … but still on Crestview.

Shel Silverstein Stag Party

Sleeve:Stag Party

Crestview CRV 804 (Mono) CRS 7804 (Stereo)

Released: April 1963

Side 1

  • I'm Satisfied With My Girl
  • Go Back Where You Got It Last Night
  • Broken Down Mama
  • Somebody Else Not Me
  • Good Whiskey
  • I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now

Side 2

  • Who Walks In
  • Kitchen Man
  • Sister Kate
  • A Good Man Is Hard to Find
  • Pass Me By Just Like You Never Knowed Me
  • Ragged but Right

Reissue of 'Hairy Jazz', Elektra 176.

Saka Acquaye & his African Ensemble Drum Fever

Sleeve:Drum Fever

Crestview CRV 805 (Mono) CRS 7805 (Stereo)

Released: April 1963

Side 1

  • Sugar Soup
  • Down The Congo
  • Saturday Night
  • Drum Festival
  • Concomba
  • Beyond Africa
  • Congo Beat

Side 2

  • Echoes Of The African Forest
  • Bus Conductor
  • Ebony
  • Kenya Sunset
  • Awuben
  • Akudonno

Reissue of 'Gold Coast Saturday Night', Elektra 167. Also reissued in 1969 on Nonesuch H 72026 under the title 'Voices of Africa'.

Various Artists The Original Hootenanny

Sleeve:The Original Hootenanny

Crestview CRV 806 (Mono) CRS 7806 (Stereo)

  • The Limelighters: If I Had a Hammer
  • Judy Collins: Bonnie Ship the Diamond
  • Josh White: John Henry
  • Bob Gibson: You Can Tell the World
  • The Dillards: Reuben's Train
  • Bud and Travis: La Bamba
  • Judy Henske: Wade in the Water
  • The Travelers 3: Katy Cruel
  • Theodore Bikel: Rising of the Moon
  • Ed McCurdy: Josie
  • Will Holt: Three Jovial Huntsmen
  • Oscar Brand: Squid Jigglin' Ground

Hootenanny albums were all the range in the early days of the 'trad folk' boom in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Elektra did its bit with two such compilations which included some tracks not available elsewhere.

Various Artists The Original Hootenanny Volume 2

Sleeve:The Original Hootenanny Volume 2

Crestview CRV 807 (Mono) CRS 7807 (Stereo)

Released: September 1963

Production: Jac Holzman

  • Bob Gibson & Bob Camp: Skillet Good and Greasy
  • Dián and the Greenbriar Boys: Sally Let Your Bangs Hang Down
  • Josh White: Trouble
  • Clara Ward Singers: I'm a Soldier
  • Hoyt Axton: Downbound Train
  • Judy Henske: Hooka Tooka
  • Theodore Bikel: Polyushka
  • The Limelighters: Lonesome Traveler
  • Glenn Yarbrough & Marylin Child: Mary had a Baby
  • Juan Serrano: Bulerias
  • Erik Darling: Oh What a Beautiful City
  • Travelers 3: Cottonfields

The sleeve notes include a generous plug for Folkways, Vanguard, Tradition and Prestige Records as well as suggesting the buyer takes out a subscription to 'Sing Out' magazine.