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Josh White Josh at Midnight

Sleeve:Josh at Midnight

Bounty BY 6001 (Mono)

Released: 1966

Side 1

  • St James Infirmary
  • Raise A Rukus
  • Scandalize My Name
  • Jesus Gonna Make Up My Dyin' Bed
  • Timber
  • Jelly, Jelly

Side 2

  • One Meat Ball
  • Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho
  • Don't Lie Buddy
  • Number Twelve Train
  • Peter
  • Takin' Names

As EKL 102

The Original Trinidad Steel Band The Original Trinidad Steel Band

Sleeve:The Original Trinidad Steel Band

Bounty BY 6002 (Mono) BYS 76002 (Stereo)

Released: 1966

  • Steel Meringue
  • Begin the Beguine
  • Doris
  • Amarillo
  • Autumn Leaves
  • Calypso Meringue
  • Mama Loves Mambo
  • Cheek to Cheek
  • Princess Charming
  • Anna
  • Kuky
  • Amor
  • Puerto Rican Mambo
  • Sweet and Gentle
  • Jamaica Farewell

As Elektra EKL 139.

Theodore Bikel Songs of a Russian Gypsy

Sleeve:Songs of a Russian Gypsy

Bounty BY 6003 (Mono) BYS 76003 (Stereo)

Released: 1966

  • Beryuzoviye Kalyechke
  • Yekhali Tsigane
  • Dve Gitari
  • Kagda Ya Pyann
  • Svyetit Myesats
  • Kak Stranno
  • Nichevo
  • Chto Mnye Gorye
  • Dyen I Noch
  • Metyelitsa
  • Snilsya Mnye Sad
  • Karobushka
  • Karabli
  • Sudarinya

As EKL 150 with minor typographical differences on song title: Karoubushka is miss-spelled on the label but not on the sleeve. The photo on the cover is that of the later US release.

Jean Redpath Songs of Love Lilt and Laughter

Sleeve:Songs of Love Lilt and Laughter

Bounty BY 6004 (Mono)

Released: 1966

  • Day We Went To Rothesay
  • Caller O'u
  • Mouth Music
  • Wae's Me For Prince Charlie
  • Mcfarlane O' The Sprots O'bur
  • Nicky Tams
  • Song Of The Seals
  • Peat Fire Flame
  • Love Is Teasin'
  • Lewis Bridal Song
  • Paddy Mcginty's Goat
  • Tae The Weavers
  • Kirk Swaree
  • She Moved Through The Fair

As EKL 224

Juan Serrano Flamenco Fenomeno

Sleeve:Flamenco Fenomeno

Bounty BY 6005 (Mono) BYS 76005 (Stereo)

Released: 1966

Production: Jac Holzman and Theodore Bikel

  • Flamenco Variations on Autumn Leaves
  • Amina
  • Bolero
  • Memories of Peru
  • Alma
  • Caracoles
  • Rhumba
  • La Caña
  • Flamenco Impressions Of New York

As Elektra 235

Bob Gibson Where I'm Bound

Sleeve:Where I'm Bound

Bounty BY 6006 (Mono)

Released: 1966

  • Where I'm Bound
  • The Waves Roll Out
  • 12-String Guitar Rag
  • Wastin' Your Time
  • The New Frankie And Johnnie Song
  • Foghorn
  • Baby I'm Gone Again
  • Farewell My Honey, Cindy Jane
  • Some Old Woman
  • Stella's Got A New Dress
  • The Town Crier's Song
  • What You Gonna Do
  • Betsy From Pike
  • Fare Thee Well

As EKL 239

The Irish Ramblers The Patriot Game

Bounty BY 6007 (Mono)

Released: 1966

  • Sean South From Garryowen
  • Among The Heather
  • Follow me up to Carlow
  • Whiskey In The Jar
  • Bonny Wee Girl
  • Captain Freeney
  • Jig Medley: Miss Bennett/Kenmuir's a' an' awa Willie/Tobin's Favourite
  • The Patroit Game
  • Mormond Braes
  • Mountains Of Pomeroy
  • Rothsay-O
  • Moving Cloud Reel
  • The Woman From Wexford
  • Reynard The Fox

As Elektra 249.

Oscar Brand with the Roger Wilco Four The Wild Blue Yonder

Bounty BY 6008 (Mono) BYS 76008 (Stereo)

Released: 1966

  • Save A Fighter Pilot's Ass
  • Come And Join The Air Force
  • Give Me Operations
  • Itazuke Tower
  • Sidi Slimane
  • Army Air Force Heaven
  • Bless 'em All
  • Glory Flying Regulations
  • The Goddamned Reserves
  • Barnacle Bill, the Pilot
  • Fighter Pilot's Lament
  • I Wanted Wings
  • The Poor Co-Pilot
  • Cigareetes And Sake
  • Wreck Of The Old Ninety-Seven
  • Let's Have A Party

As Elektra 168. Persumably Elektra UK hoped to pick up sales through US air force personnel still stationed in the UK.

Maxwell Street Jimmy Davis Maxwell Street Jimmy Davis

Sleeve:Maxwell Street Jimmy Davis

Bounty BY 6009 (Mono)

Released: 1966

Production: Norman Dayron with the Assistance of Pete Welding

  • What More Can A Good Man Do?
  • Two Trains Running
  • Long-Haired Darlin'
  • My Baby Changed The Lock On My Door
  • Drifting From Door To Door
  • I Got My Eyes On You
  • Me And My Telephone
  • Dust My Broom
  • She's My Babe
  • Alberta
  • Baby Please Don't Go
  • Drifting Blues

As Elektra 303. This disc was licensed from Testament but not released by them first as were the other Bounty/Testament discs.

Theodore Bikel Yiddish Theatre and Folk Songs

Bounty BY 6010 (Mono) BYS 76010 (Stereo)

Released: 1966

Production: Jac Holzman and Mark Abramson

  • A Chasene Tants
  • Doina
  • Beygelach
  • Di Grine Kuzine
  • A Pintale
  • Dire-Gelt
  • A Finf-Un-Tsvantsiger
  • Got Fun Avrohom
  • Kalt Vasser
  • Oem Milner's Treren
  • Machatonim
  • Shabes Shabes
  • Machateyneste Mayne
  • Mayn Shtetele Belz
  • Yossel Der Klezmer
  • A Kleyn Melamedl

Booklet included as a single fold-out double-sided sheet. As Elektra 281.

Sasha Polinoff Balalaika

Bounty BY 6011 (Mono)

Released: 1966

  • Polianka
  • Polushko Polie
  • Uydu Ya Na Rechenku
  • Troika
  • Vniz Po Matushke Po Volge
  • Hussari
  • Bessarabia
  • Padmaskovniye Vyechera
  • Buran
  • Starinny Valz
  • Ukrainskoye Poopuri
  • Ochi Chornya

As Elektra 194

Various Negro Folklore from Texas State Prisons

Sleeve:Negro Folklore from Texas State Prisons

Bounty BY 6012 (Mono) BYS 76012 (Stereo)

Released: 1966

Production: Bruce Jackson and Jac Holzman

  • Johnny Jackson: Raise 'em Up Higher
  • Marshall Phillips: Don't Look so Downhearted Buddy
  • Joseph 'Chinaman' Johnson: Move Along 'Gator
  • Joseph 'Chinaman' Johnson: Three Moore Brothers
  • Johnnie H Robinson: Assassination Of The President
  • George White: Don't Be Uneasy
  • Jesse 'GI Jazz' Hendricks: Rattler
  • Johnny Jackson: Hammer Ring
  • Louis 'Bacon & Porkchop' Houston: T B Bees
  • Mack Maze: If You See My Mother
  • Joseph 'Chinaman' Johnson: Just Like a Tree Planted by the Water
  • Houston Page: See How They Done My Lord
  • WD 'Alec' Alexander: Daniel In The Lion's Den
  • Virgil Asbury: Forty-Four Hammers

As Elektra 296

Sabicas Sabicas (Subtitle - The greatest Flamenco Guitarist)

Sleeve:Sabicas (Subtitle - The greatest Flamenco Guitarist)

Bounty BY 6013 (Mono) BYS 76013 (Stereo)

Released: 1966

Production: Engineered by Leonard Ripley

  • Bulerias
  • Farruca
  • Fandango
  • Solea por Bulerias
  • Granadina
  • Soleares
  • Seguiriya
  • Malagueña
  • Alegrias
  • Taranta

As Elektra 117

Josh White Spirituals & Blues

Sleeve:Spirituals & Blues

Bounty BY 6014 (Mono) BYS 76014 (Stereo)

Released: 1966

  • Southern Exposure
  • Red Sun
  • Silicosis Blues
  • Black Snake
  • Things About Coming My Way
  • I've Got That Pure Religion
  • Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen
  • I Know King Jesus
  • Just A Closer Walk With Thee
  • I Don't Intend To Die In Egypt

As Elektra 193

Kimio Eto Art of the Koto - The Music of Japan

Bounty BY 6015 (Mono) BYS 76015 (Stereo)

Released: 1966

  • Sakura, Sakura (Cherry Blossoms)
  • Yuki no Genso (Snow Fantasy)
  • Hachidan no Shirabe (Variations in Eight Steps)
  • Three Children's Songs
  • Yaciyo Jishi (Lion of Eight Thousand Generations)
  • Izumi (A Spring)

As Elektra 234

Rey de la Torre 20th Century Music for the Guitar

Sleeve:20th Century Music for the Guitar

Bounty BY 6016 (Mono)

Released: 1966

  • Variations on a theme By Milan (Joaquin Nin-Culmell)
  • Zarabanda Lejana (Joaquin Rodrigo)
  • Homenaje a Debussy (Manuel de Falla)
  • Preludio y Tocata (Julián Orbón)
  • Torre Bermeja (Isaac Albinez)
  • Leyenda (Isaac Albinez)
  • La Maja De Goya (Enrique Granados)
  • Spanish Dance no 5 (Enrique Granados)

As Elektra 244

Ed McCurdy Blood Booze and Bones

Sleeve:Blood Booze and Bones

Bounty BY 6017 (Mono)

Released: 1966

Production: Jac Holzman

  • Darlin' Cory
  • Josie
  • The Dublin Murder Ballad
  • Four Nights Drunk
  • Cowboy's Lament
  • Kentucky Moonshiner
  • No More Booze
  • Farewell To Grog
  • Portland County Jail
  • Banks Of The Ohio
  • John Hardy
  • The Pig and the Inebriate
  • Stackerlee
  • Lamkins
  • Yo Ho Ho (The Derelict)
  • Lulu
  • The Drunkard's Doom

As Elektra 108.

Big Joe Williams Back to the Country

Sleeve:Back to the Country

Bounty BY 6018 (Mono)

Released: 1966

Production: Peter J Welding

  • Ain't Gonna be Your Lowdown Dog
  • Annie May
  • You can Stay Out
  • Mean Backstabber
  • Worry you off my Mind
  • Miss Ida B
  • Put on your Nightcap
  • Woody Woodpecker
  • I got my Ticket
  • Shake your Boogie
  • See, See, Rider
  • Blues Everywhere I go
  • Worried and Lonesome
  • My Black Woman
  • The Moon is Rising
  • Down the Line
  • My Baby Left Me a Mule to Ride
  • Desert Blues
  • Breakdown

Recorded by Norman Dayron. With Jimmy Brown (fiddle & guitar) and Willie Lee Harris (harmonica).

At this point Elektra in the UK picked up a number of blues recordings from Testament Records in the US. Of these only the Maxwell Street Jimmy Davis LP was issued in the USA but several were issued in the UK on Bounty.

Originally issued as Testament 2205.

The Dillards Back Porch Bluegrass

Bounty BY 6019 (Mono)

  • Old Joseph
  • Somebody Touched Me
  • Polly Vaughn
  • Banjo In The Hollow
  • Dooley
  • Lonesome Indian
  • Ground Hog
  • Old Home Place
  • Hickory Hollow
  • Old Man At The Mill
  • Doug's Tune
  • Rainin' Here This Mornin'
  • Cold Trailin'
  • Reuben's Train
  • Duelin' Banjo

As EKL 232

Dr Isaiah Ross Call the Doctor

Sleeve:Call the Doctor

Bounty BY 6020 (Mono)

Released: 1966

  • Cat Squirrel
  • Blues and Trouble
  • Freight Train
  • Illinois Blues
  • Hobo Blues
  • Mama Blues
  • My Little Woman
  • Dr. Ross' Rock
  • 32-20
  • Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
  • Chicago Breakdown
  • China Blues
  • Blues In The Night
  • Going To The River
  • Drifting Blues
  • Fox Chase

Dr Ross - the Harmonica Boss - was a one man band playing harmonica, acoustic guitar, bass drum and high-hat simultaneously. Originally he just played harp and one story says that he got his name because he carried his harmonicas in a doctor's bag. Alternatively the epithet 'Doctor' was often given to accomplished musicians. His composition "Cat Squirrel" was covered by Cream.

This disc was his first full LP (recorded 1965) although he had recorded individual sides for labels like Sun and Chess in the early 1950s.

This LP was another Testament disc (Testament 2206) licensed by Elektra UK.

Various Artists Folk Banjo Styles

Bounty BY 6021 (Mono)

  • Eric Weissberg and Marshall Brickman: Flop-Eared Mule
  • Eric Weissberg and Marshall Brickman: Wildwood Flower
  • Eric Weissberg: John Hardy
  • Eric Weissberg: Nine Hundred Miles
  • Eric Weissberg and Marshall Brickman: Lonesome Road Blues
  • Tom Payley: Wild Bill Jones
  • Tom Payley: Pretty Polly
  • Tom Payley: Rabbit Where's Your Mammy
  • Tom Payley: Handsome Molly
  • Tom Payley: John Henry
  • Tom Payley: The Eighth Of January
  • Tom Payley: Marching Through Georgia
  • Art Rosenbaum: Callahan
  • Art Rosenbaum: Coal Creek March
  • Art Rosenbaum: Across The Sea
  • Art Rosenbaum: Harlan County Farewell Tune
  • Art Rosenbaum: Svannanoa Tunnel
  • Art Rosenbaum and Marshall Brickman: Spanish Fandango
  • Art Rosenbaum: Goodbye Old Booze
  • Eric Weissberg and Marshall Brickman: Bluegrass Medley
  • Eric Weissberg and Marshall Brickman: Forty Winks
  • Eric Weissberg and Marshall Brickman: Devil's Dream

As EKL 217

Fred and Annie May McDowell My Home is in the Delta

Sleeve:My Home is in the Delta

Bounty BY 6022 (Mono)

Released: 1966

Production: Peter J Welding

  • Waiting for my baby
  • I'm in jail again
  • The girl I'm loving
  • Going down South, carry my whip
  • Diving duck blues
  • The sun rose this morning
  • Get right, church
  • Amazing grace
  • Jesus gonna make up my dying bed
  • Where could I go
  • The Lord will make a way
  • Keep your lamp trimmed and burning
  • When the saints go marching in

Originally issued as Testament 2208.

The Even Dozen Jug Band The Even Dozen Jug Band

Sleeve:The Even Dozen Jug Band

Bounty BY 6023 (Mono)

Released: 1966

Production: Paul A Rothchild and Jac Holzman

  • Take Your Fingers Off It
  • Come On In
  • Mandolin King Rag
  • Overseas Stomp
  • Evolution Mama
  • The Even Dozens
  • I Don't Love Nobody
  • Rag Mama
  • France Blues
  • On The Road Again
  • Original Colossal Drag Rag
  • All Worn Out
  • Lonely One In This Town
  • Sadie Green

As EKL 246

Various Classical Music of Japan

Sleeve:Classical Music of Japan

Bounty BY 6024 (Mono)

Released: 1966

  • Kyoko Kabuki: Kanjincho (Kabuki Music)
  • Ikeda and Her Co-Operatives: Hiyaku (Music For Two Kotos)
  • Heian Imperial Court Music Orchestra: Bairo (Gagaku)
  • Kasai Family: Sato Kagura Tsurugi (Kagura (Shrine Music))
  • Kyoto Geza Band: Daibyoshi-Ghost Waves Seri (Geza Music)
  • Meianji Priests: Hontechhoshi (Shakuhachi)
  • Ikeda and Her Co-Operatives: Tsumikusa (Sankyoku (Flute Concerto))
  • Staff For Preservation Of Mibu Kyogen: Fesival Tunes, Shrine Tunes

As Elektra 286

Various Artists Modern Chicago Blues

Sleeve:Modern Chicago Blues

Bounty BY 6025 (Mono)

Released: 1966

  • Johnny Young: My Baby Walked Out In 1954
  • Johnny Young: You Make Me Feel So Good
  • Johnny Young: Money Takin' Woman
  • Johnny Young: Back To Chicago
  • Johnny Young: Bad Blood
  • Johnny Young: Tired Of You Smiling
  • Johnny Young: Let Me Ride Your Mule
  • Wilbert Jenkins: Married Woman Blues
  • Wilbert Jenkins: Crawling Kingsnake
  • Maxwell Street Jimmy Davis: Crying Won't Make Me Stay
  • Maxwell Street Jimmy Davis: Hanging Around My Door
  • Big Walter Horton: Everybody's Fishin'
  • Big Walter Horton: Hard Hearted Woman
  • Robert Nighthawk: Blues Before Sunrise
  • John Wrencher: I'm Going To Detroit
  • John Lee Granderson: I Don't Feel Good

Artists also featured: Otis Spann (piano), Slim Willis, John Walker and Presz Thomas (harmonica), Robert Whitehead (drums)

Licensed from Testament Records and originally issued as Testament 2203

Pennywhistlers Folksongs of Eastern Europe

Sleeve:Folksongs of Eastern Europe

Bounty BY 6026 (Mono)

Production: Teresa Sterne and Jac Holzman

Side 1

  • Shto Mi e Milo
  • Zaspala e Fida
  • Dumai, Zlato
  • Di Arbuzn
  • Maika Rada Sitno Plete
  • Szerelem, Szerelem
  • Portland Town

Side 2

  • Pastevecke Helokanie
  • Letyat Utki
  • Oifn Oivn
  • Dilmano, Dilbero
  • Mamko
  • Tudora
  • Will you Miss me When I'm Gone?
  • Ladarke

This has the distinctive look of a Nonesuch album.

S Balachander and Sivaraman Music of Southern India

Sleeve:Music of Southern India

Bounty BY 6027 (Mono)

Released: 1966

Side 1

  • Song: Karpagame - Ragam - Madhyamavathi - Thalam - Aadhi
  • Song: Neethumahima - Rangam - Hamasanandhi - Thalam - Aadhi

Side 2

  • Song: Ammaoravamma - Ragam - Kalyani - Thalam - Jampa

This is probably the same recording as Nonesuch HS 72003 released in 1965.

Master Hagiware, Master Hatta, Master Kitagawa, Master Kikusui The Koto Music of Japan

Sleeve:The Koto Music of Japan

Bounty BY 6028 (Mono) BYS 76028 (Stereo)

Released: 1966

  • Echigojishi (Folk Song)
  • Godan Kinuta (Music of Weaving)
  • Rokudan-No-Shirabe (Music of Six-steps)
  • Haru-No-Kyoku (Music of Spring)
  • Shin Takasago
  • Yugao (Evening Glory)

Recorded in Japan by Katsumasa Takasago

Leon Rosselson Songs For Sceptical Circles

Sleeve:Songs For Sceptical Circles

Bounty BY 6029 (Mono)

Released: 1966

  • Tim Maguire
  • The Ugly Ones
  • Brass Band Music
  • Dead Men Never Die
  • The Saint
  • Le Deserteur
  • Away From It All
  • The Bachelor's Complaint
  • It's A Vile Violation
  • Do You Remember?
  • Single In Spring
  • Once When I Was Young
  • Procreation
  • Hangover

Dave Swarbrick with Martin Carthy and Diz Disley Rags, Reels and Airs

Sleeve:Rags, Reels and Airs

Bounty BY 6030 (Mono)

Released: 1967

Production: Joe Boyd

Engineering: John Wood and Bill Leader

  • Spanish Ladies Medley
  • Hens March to the Middens
  • Bottom of the Punch Bowl, The Swallow Tail, Marquis of Tullybardine
  • Barney Brallaghan, The New Widow Well Married, Paddy be Aisy
  • Dill Pickles Rag
  • Gurty's Frolics
  • The Blackbird
  • The Cuckoo's Nest
  • Lietrum Fancy Medley
  • Porcupine Rag
  • Villafjord, Fourposter Bed
  • Staten Island, Jimmy Allen
  • The Salamanca Medley
  • The Teetotallers Medley
  • Lord Mayo
  • The Kid on the Mountain
  • Jolly Tinkers, Rags & Tatters
  • Father Kelly, Skopje, Sligo Maid

Elektra UK address now 2 Dean Street. Previous LPs had address at 7 Poland Street.

Muddy Waters Down on Stovall's Plantation

Sleeve:Down on Stovall's Plantation

Bounty BY 6031 (Mono)

Released: 1966

Production: Pete Welding

  • I Be's Troubled
  • Rambling Kid Blues
  • You Got to Take Sick and Die Some of these Days
  • Burr Clover Blues
  • Pearlie Mae Blues
  • Country Blues, No 1
  • Why Don't You Live so God Can Use You?
  • Rosalie
  • Country Blues No 2
  • Take a Walk With Me
  • Joe Turner
  • You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Dead and Gone
  • I Be Bound to Write to You

Field recordings made by Alan Lomax for the Library of Congress 1941-1942. The sleeve says "His first recordings ... with the Son Simms Four". Originally issued as Testament 2210.

Erik Darling Erik Darling

Sleeve:Erik Darling

Bounty BY 6032 (Mono)

Released: 1967

  • Salty Dog
  • In The Evening
  • J C Holmes
  • Cumberland Mountain Bear Chase
  • Oh, What A Beautiful City
  • Pretty Polly
  • Paul And Silas
  • Hard Luck Blues
  • Banjo Medley
  • Aboline
  • Swannanoa Tunnel
  • Boll Weevil
  • Let Me Fly
  • Candy Man

As Elektra 154

Various Artists The Sound of the Delta

Sleeve:The Sound of the Delta

Bounty BY 6033 (Mono)

Released: 1966

  • Ruby McCoy: Black Mary
  • Elijah Brown: Won't Be Troubled Long
  • Big Joe Williams: Your Close Friend
  • Mississippi Fred McDowell: Kokomo
  • Bert Logan: Don't You Want to Be a Member
  • Elijah Brown: Pearline
  • Arthur Weston: Uncle Sam Called Me
  • Avery Brady: Bad Weather
  • Ruby McCoy: Rising Sun, Shine On
  • Arthur Weston: Early in the Morning
  • Big Joe Williams: Walkin' Ground Hog
  • Elijah Brown: Winding Ball
  • Russ Logan: Annie Mae
  • Mississippi Fred McDowell: Louise
  • Avery Brady: Let Me Drive Your Ford
  • Andrew Cauthen: Canary Bird

A compilation licensed from Testament Records in the USA and issued originally as Testament 2209. There is a CD reissue (on Hightone TCD 5012) from 1994 which has the following extra tracks:

Avery Brady: Goin' Home With My Baby; Big Joe Williams: Walkin' Blues; Avery Brady: Uncle Sam's Own Ship

Los Chiriguanos Los Chiriguanos - The Pulsating Sounds of Paraguay

Sleeve:Los Chiriguanos - The Pulsating Sounds of Paraguay

Bounty BY 6034 (Mono)

Released: 1967

Production: Fred Hellerman

  • Mercedita
  • Subo
  • Llegada
  • Ay Para Navidad
  • El Chupino
  • Viva Jujuy
  • Viajera
  • Naranjitay
  • Pajaro Campana
  • Virginia
  • El Arriero
  • Paisaje De Catamarca
  • Mi Despedida

As Elektra 202 but with a different cover. The original was plain enough, with just an orchestral harp and the lettering, but the Bounty version has just text and is a sickly green colour!

Various Artists Can't Keep from Crying: Topical Blues on the Death of President Kennedy

Sleeve:Can't Keep from Crying: Topical Blues on the Death of President Kennedy

Bounty BY 6035 (Mono)

Released: 1967

Production: Peter J Welding

Engineering: Norman Dayron and Peter J Welding

  • Big Joe Williams: A Man Amongst Men
  • James & Fannie Brewer: I Want to Know Why
  • John Lee Granderson: A Man for the Nation
  • Otis Spann: Sad Day in Texas
  • Mary Ross, John Lee Granderson: President Kennedy Gave His Life
  • Bill Jackson: The 22nd Day of November
  • James Brewer: Why Did he Have to Go?
  • Johnny Young, Otis Spann, Slim Willis: I Tried not to Cry
  • Avery Brady: Poor Kennedy
  • Fanny Brewer, James Brewer: We Got the Message
  • Jimmy Brown: He Was Loved by all the People

An album of topical blues on the death of President Kennedy, originally issued as Testament S-01.

Jack Elliot and Derrol Adams Roll on Buddy: The Jack Elliot and Derroll Adams Story Volume 1

Sleeve:Roll on Buddy: The Jack Elliot and Derroll Adams Story Volume 1

Bounty BY 6036 (Mono)

Released: 1967

  • Roll on Buddy (J+D)
  • More Pretty Girls than One (J+D)
  • Freight Train (J)
  • Talking New York (J+D)
  • Hard Travellin' (J)
  • Sad & Lonely (D)
  • Roll in my Sweet Baby's Arms (J+D)
  • Crash on the Highway (J+D)
  • Portland Town (D)
  • Danville Girl (J)
  • Tramp on the Street (J+D)
  • Worried Man Blues (J+D)
  • San Francisco Bay Blues (J)
  • Nine Hundred Miles (D)

Tapes recorded in Milan 'some years' before the Bounty release; credited as 'A Saar Recording'. 2 albums (this and BY 6046 if it exists) edited and compiled by Joe Boyd.

Otis Spann Nobody Knows My Troubles

Sleeve:Nobody Knows My Troubles

Bounty BY 6037 (Mono)

Released: 1967

Engineering: Norman Dayron or Stu Black

  • Get Your Hands out of my Pocket
  • Nobody Knows my Troubles
  • Sarah Street
  • Worried Life Blues
  • You Can't Hide
  • Jack-Knife
  • What's on Your Worried Mind
  • Vicksburgh Blues
  • Who's Out There?
  • Spann's Boogie woogie
  • See See Rider
  • Lovin' You
  • One-Room Country Shack
  • Mr Jelly-Roll Baker

Recording by Norman Dayron or Stu Black. Producer not credited. A Testament (US) Recording and probably issued oriiginally as Testament 2211 under the title "Chicago Blues". With James Cotten (Harminica), Johnny Young (Guitar), Jimmy Lee Morris (bass) SP Leary (drums). Spann plays piano or organ and sings. Robert Whitehead plays drums on Vicksburgh Blues only.

Jimmy Power Irish Dances

Sleeve:Irish Dances

Bounty BY 6040 (Mono)

Released: 1967

Production: Bill Leader

  • The Doone, Rakish Paddy (Reels)
  • The Irish Girl (Slip-jig)
  • The Hunt (Set Dance)
  • Contentment is Wealth, Tatter Jack Walsh (Jigs)
  • Keane-O'Neary's (Hornpipe)
  • Planxty-Drury (Set Dance)
  • The Maid Behind the Bar, The Bunch of Keys (Reels)
  • Down's Favourite, Jenny's Welcome to Charlie (Reels)
  • The Pipe on the Hob, The Cliffs of Moher (Jigs)
  • Bonaparte's Retreat (Set Dance)
  • The Dery (Slip-jig)
  • The Idle Rogue, The Westmeath (Slow jigs)
  • Down to Limerick (Slip-jig)
  • The Drunken Sailor (Hornpipe)
  • Sport of the Chase (Slip-jig)

Jimmy Power (fiddle) with Reg Hall (piano). Paul Gross on piano on Dowd's Favourite.

Jack Elliot and Derroll Adams Roll on Buddy: The Jack Elliot and Derroll Adams Story Volume 2

Bounty BY 6046 (Mono)

See BY 6036 for Vol 1. I am not sure whether this LP was actually issued as the Bounty series was dropped by Elektra UK when the label signed a deal with Polydor.