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Bridget St John Ask Me No Questions

Alt sleeve:Ask Me No Questions

Dandelion D9 101 (Stereo)

Released: 1970

Production: John Peel

  • To B Without A Hitch
  • Autumn Lullaby
  • Curl Your Toes
  • Like Never Before
  • The Curious Crystals of Unusual Purity
  • Barefeet And Hot Pavements
  • I Like To Be With You In The Sun
  • Lizard-Long-Tongue Boy
  • Hello Again (Of Course)
  • Many Happy Returns
  • Broken Faith
  • As Me No Questions

Licensed from the Dandelion label in the UK. John Martyn plays 2nd guitar on parts of this.

Gene Vincent I'm Back And I'm Proud

Alt sleeve:I'm Back And I'm Proud

Dandelion D9 102 (Stereo)

  • Rockin' Robin
  • In The Pines
  • Be Bop A Lulu
  • Rainbow At Midnight
  • Black Letter
  • White Lightning
  • Sexy Ways
  • Ruby Baby
  • Lotta Lovin
  • Circle Never Broken
  • Number Nine Lonesome Whistle
  • Scarlet Ribbons

The energetic original rocker makes his come-back and final album: courtesy of the Dandelion label in the UK.

Principal Edwards Magic Theatre Soundtrack

Alt sleeve:Soundtrack

Dandelion D9 103 (Stereo)

  • Enigmactic Insomniac Machine
  • Sacrifice
  • Death Of Don Quixote
  • Third Sonnet
  • To A Broken Guitar
  • Pinky A Mystery Cycle

Licensed from the Dandelion Label in the UK. UK original has a different cover showing band standing next to a tree.

Siren Siren

Alt sleeve:Siren

Dandelion D9 104 (Stereo)

  • Ze Ze Ze Ze Ze
  • Get Right Church
  • Rock Me Baby
  • Wake Up My Children
  • Wasting My Time
  • Sixteen Women
  • First Time I Saw Your Face
  • Gardener Man
  • And I Wonder
  • The War Is Over
  • Asylum
  • Bertha Lee
  • I Wonder Where

Licensed from the Dandelion label in the UK. Siren features Kevin Coyne.