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Various Artists The Folk Box

Sleeve:The Folk Box

Elektra EKL 9001/EKL-BOX (Mono)

Released: 1964

Production: Jac Holzman

Engineering: Mark Abramson

Side 1 - Songs of the Old World and Migration to the New

  • Cynthia Gooding: Greensleeves
  • The Ian Campbell Folk Group: Down In The Coal Mine
  • Ewan MacColl: Geordie
  • The Irish Ramblers: Whiskey In The Jar
  • Susan Reed: Irish Famine Song
  • Ed McCurdy: Gypsy Laddie
  • Jean Redpath: Tae The Weavers
  • African Traveling Song
  • Navajo Night Chant
  • Gene Bluestein: Skada At America

Side 2 - Settling, Exploring and Growing in the New World

  • The New Lost City Ramblers: When First Unto This Country
  • Susan Reed: Springfield Mountain
  • Ed McCurdy: Good Old Colony Times
  • Oscar Brand: Jefferson And Liberty
  • Pete Seeger: Darling Cory
  • Jack Elliot: Jesse James
  • Leadbelly: Rock Island Line
  • Woody Guthrie: Oregon Trail
  • Erik Darling: Swannanoa Tunnel
  • Ed McCurdy: Kentucky Moonshine
  • Alabama School Children: Green Green Rocky Road

Side 3 - Work Song

  • Leadbelly: Pick A Bale Of Cotton
  • Seafarers Chorus: Haul On The Bowline
  • Pete Seeger: Paddy Works on the Railway
  • Harry Jackson: I Ride an Old Paint
  • Cisco Houston: Zebra Dun
  • Horace Sprott: Field Holler
  • Koerner, Ray & Glover: Linin' Track
  • Willer Turner: Now Your Man Done Gone
  • Josh White: Timber
  • Negro Prisoners: Grizzly Bear

Side 4 - Many Worshippers, One God

  • Marilyn Child & Glenn Yarbrough: Mary had a Baby
  • Josh White: Jesus Gonna Make Up My Dyin Bed
  • Blind Willie Johnson: Dark Was the Night
  • Judy Collins: Twelve Gates To The City
  • Theodore Bikel: A Zemer
  • Glenn Yarbrough: Wayfaring Stranger
  • Ed McCurdy: Simple Gifts
  • Leadbelly: Meetin' at the Building
  • Bob Gibson: You can Tell the World
  • Christian Tabernacle Church: Down By The Riverside

Side 5 - Country Music - From Ballads to Bluegrass

  • Willy Clancy: Sligo Reel/Mountain Road
  • Eric Weissberg: Old Joe Clark
  • Clarence Ashley: Coo Coo Bird
  • Tom Paley: Shady Grove
  • Eric Weissberg & Marshall Brickman: Flop-Eared Mule
  • Jean Ritchie: Nottamun Town
  • Doc Watson and others: Amazing Grace
  • Doc Watson: Cripple Creek
  • The Dillards: Pretty Polly
  • George Pegram & Walter Parham: Yellow Rose Of Texas
  • Dián and the Greenbriar Boys: Green Corn
  • The Dillards: Old Man at the Mill

Side 6 - Nothing but the Blues

  • Sonny Terry: Lost John
  • Big Bill Broonzy: I Wonder When I'll Get To Be Called a Man
  • Leadbelly: Black Snake Moan
  • Blind Lemon Jefferson: See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
  • Hally Wood: House of the Rising Sun
  • Mark Spoelstra: France Blues
  • The New Lost City Ramblers: Carter Blues
  • Dave Ray: Slappin' On My Black Cat Bone
  • Dave Van Ronk: Don't Leave Me Here
  • Josh White: Southern Exposure

Side 7 - Of War, Love and Hope

  • Ed McCurdy: John Brown's Body
  • Frank Warner: Virginia's Bloody Soil
  • Theodore Bikel: Two Brothers
  • Judy Collins: Masters of War
  • Theodore Bikel: Blow the Candles Out
  • Jean Redpath: Love Is Teasin'
  • Clarence Ashley and Doc Watson: Sally Ann
  • Jean Ritchie: Little Devils
  • The Limeliters: The Hammer Song
  • Woody Guthrie: This Land is Your Land

Side 8 - Broadsides, Topical Songs, Protest Songs

  • Pete Seeger, Almanac Singer with audience: Which Side are You On?
  • The New Lost City Ramblers: No Depression in Heaven
  • Woody Guthrie: Talking Dust Bowl
  • Big Bill Broonzy: Black Brown And White
  • Oscar Brand: Talking Atomic Blues
  • Hamilton Camp: Girl From The North Country
  • Judy Collins: The Dove
  • Tom Paxton: High Sheriff Of Hazard
  • Phil Ochs: The Thresher
  • Pete Seeger: We Shall Overcome

Compiled and annotated by Robert Sheldon.

A boxed set of 4 discs with a 48 page booklet and released with the assistance of Folkways Records.

This box was issued in the UK as EUK 2512/2 and some (probably the earliest) US copies were numbered EKL-BOX with the sides denoted as A, B, C etc and having an unusual black label.

The Doors Absolutely Live

Alt sleeve:Absolutely Live

Elektra EKS 9002 (Stereo)

Released: July 1970

  • Who Do You Love
  • Alabama' Song
  • Backdoor Man
  • Love Hides
  • Five To One
  • Build Me A Woman
  • When The Music's Over
  • Close To You
  • Universal Mind
  • Break On Thru #2
  • Celebration Of The Lizard
  • Soul Kitchen

Double album.

The Doors Weird Scenes Inside the Gold Mine

Alt sleeve:Weird Scenes Inside the Gold Mine

Elektra 8E 6001 (Stereo)

Released: 1972

Production: Paul A Rothchild (some by Bruce Botnick & the Doors)

  • Break on Through
  • Strange Days
  • Shaman's Blues
  • Love Street
  • Peace Frog/Blue Sunday
  • The Wasp (Texas Radio and the Big Beat)
  • End of the Night
  • Love Her Madly
  • Spanish Caravan
  • Ship of Fools
  • The Spy
  • The End
  • Take it As it Comes
  • Runnin' Blue
  • L A Woman
  • Five to One
  • Who Scared You
  • (You Need Meat) Don't Go No Further
  • Riders on the Storm
  • Maggie M'Gill
  • Horse Latitudes
  • When the Music's Over

Double album.

The Butterfield Blues Band Live

Alt sleeve:Live

Elektra 7E 2001 (Stereo)

Released: 1971

Production: Todd Rundgren

  • Everything Going to be Alright
  • Love Disease
  • The Boxer
  • No Amount of Loving
  • Driftin' and Driftin'
  • Intro to Musicians
  • Number Nine
  • I Want to be With You
  • Born Under a Bad Sign
  • Get Together Again
  • So Far, So Good

Double album recorded at the Troubador in Los Angeles.

UK number EKD 2001.

The Incredible String Band U

Alt sleeve:U

Elektra 7E 2002 (Stereo)

Released: 1970

Production: Joe Boyd

  • El Wool Suite
  • The Juggler's Song
  • Time
  • Bad Sadie Lee
  • Queen of Love
  • Partial Belated Overture
  • Light in Time of Darkness/Glad to See You
  • Walking Along With You
  • Hirem Pawnitof/Fairies' Hornpipe
  • Bridge Theme
  • Bridge Song
  • Astral Plane Theme
  • Invocation
  • Robot Blues
  • Puppet Song
  • Cutting the Strings
  • I Know You
  • Rainbow

Double album. 'A surreal parable in song and dance concept by Incredible String Band and Stone Monkey'.

UK number EKD 7322 (which is weird as 722 was the american number of the first ISB album).

Tom Paxton The Compleat Tom Paxton

Alt sleeve:The Compleat Tom Paxton

Elektra 7E 2003 (Stereo)

Released: 1971

Production: Keith Holzman and Milton Okun

  • Clarissa Jones
  • Introduction
  • The Things I Notice Now
  • Jennifer's Rabbit/I Give You the Morning
  • Intro to 'The Marvelous Toy'
  • The Marvelous Toy
  • Leaving London
  • Angie
  • All Night Long
  • Bayonet Rap
  • Talking Vietnam Pot Luck Blues
  • Jimmy Newman
  • Outward Bound
  • Morning Again
  • Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound
  • My Lady's A Wild Flying Dove
  • Now That I've Taken My Life
  • About the Children
  • Ballad of Spiro Agnew
  • Mr Blue
  • Wish I Had A Troubadour
  • Ev'ry Time (When We Are Gone)
  • Cindy's Crying/Hooker
  • Intro to Musicians
  • Ramblin' Boy
  • The Last Thing On My Mind

Double album. Recorded in concert at the Bitter End, New York, June 1970.

UK number EKD 2003.

The Incredible String Band Relics of The Incredible String Band

Alt sleeve:Relics of The Incredible String Band

Elektra 7E 2004 (Stereo)

Released: 1971

Production: Joe Boyd, Whichseason Productions, London

  • Everything's Fine Right Now
  • October Song
  • Painting Box
  • First Girl I Loved
  • The Hedgehog Song
  • Way Back in the 1960's
  • No Sleep Blues
  • Koeeoaddi There
  • A Very Cellular Song
  • The Minotaur's Song
  • Air
  • Cousin Caterpillar
  • Job's Tears
  • Log Cabin Home in the Sky
  • Maya
  • Big Ted
  • The Letter
  • This Moment

Double album. The UK version of 'Relics' was a single album on EKS 74065.

The Paul Butterfield Blues Band Golden Butter (The Best Of ...)

Alt sleeve:Golden Butter (The Best Of ...)

Elektra 7E 2005 (Stereo)

Released: 1972

  • Born in Chicago
  • Shake Your Money-Maker
  • Mellow Down Easy
  • Our Love is Drifting
  • Mystery Train
  • Look Over Yonders Wall
  • East-West
  • Walkin' Blues
  • Get Out of my Life, Woman
  • Mary, Mary
  • Spoonful
  • One More Mile
  • One More Heartache
  • Last Hope's Gone
  • In My Own Dream
  • Love March
  • Driftin' and Driftin'
  • Blind Leading the Blind

Double album.

Various Artists Nuggets

Alt sleeve:Nuggets

Elektra 7E 2006 (Stereo)

Released: 1973

Production: Lenny Kaye

Side 1

  • Electric Prunes: I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night
  • Standells: Dirty Water
  • Strangeloves: Night Time
  • Knickerbockers: Lies
  • Vagrants: Respect
  • Mouse: A Public Execution
  • Blues Project: No Time Like The Right Time

Side 2

  • Shadows Of Knight: Oh Yeah
  • Seeds: Pushin' Too Hard
  • Barbarians: Moulty
  • Remains: Don't Look Back
  • Magicians: Invitation To Cry
  • Castaways: Liar Liar
  • Thirteenth Floor Elevators: You're Gonna Miss Me

Side 3

  • Count Five: Psychotic Reaction
  • Leaves: Hey Joe
  • Michael And The Messengers: Just Like Romeo And Juliet
  • Cryan Shames: Sugar And Spice
  • Amboy Dukes: Baby Please Don't Go
  • Blues Magoos: Tobacco Road

Side 4

  • Chocolate Watch Band: Let's Talk About Girls
  • Mojo Men: Sit Down I Think I Love You
  • Third Rail: Run Run Run
  • Sagittarius: My World Fell Down
  • Nazz: Open My Eyes
  • Premiers: Farmer John
  • Magic Mushrooms: It's A-Happening

Double album compiled and produced by Lenny Kaye. It later became commonplace for one label to license material from others in compilations, but it was still unusual in 1973.

The original European release was short two tracks for which clearance was not obtained: the Seeds 'Pushing Too Hard' and the Blues Magoos 'Tobacco Road'. It didn't seem to be that permission was refused, more that the UK record company didn't know who to ask. I've also seen European copies with Psychedelic spelled Psychodelic and Magic Mushrooms spelled 'Magig' on the labels.

Mickey Newbury Live at Montezuma Hall/Looks Like Rain

Alt sleeve:Live at Montezuma Hall/Looks Like Rain

Elektra 7E 2007 (Stereo)

Released: 1973

Production: Ron Middag ('Live ..') / Jerry Kennedy & Bob Beckham ('Rain')

  • How I Love Them Old Songs
  • Heaven Help the Child
  • Earthquake
  • Cortelia Clark
  • I Came to Hear the Music
  • San Francisco Mabel Joy
  • Bugger Red Blues (The Truck Song)
  • How Many Times (Must the Piper be Paid for his Song)
  • An American Trilogy
  • Please Send me Someone to Love
  • She Even Woke me up to say Goodbye
  • Write a Song A Song
  • I Don't Think Much About Her No More
  • T Total Tommy
  • 33rd of August
  • When the Baby in my Lady Gets the Blues
  • San Francisco Mabel Joy
  • Looks Like Baby's Gone

Double Album. The Montezuma Hall half had already been issued as a radio station promo album and can be found in this form as well (EK PROMO 20) and 'Looks Like Rain' was previously issued on Mercury Records.

Ray Antinolfini (W2WFC) Code Course

Sleeve:Code Course

Elektra CC 1 (Mono)

Released: 1956

Production: Jac Holzman (K2VEH)

  • Alphabet, numbers and punctuation
  • Mixed letters
  • Mixed letters, numbers and punctuation
  • Mixed characters
  • Two-character code groups, letters only
  • Two-character code groups
  • Three-character code groups
  • Four-character code groups
  • Five-character code groups
  • Five-letter words
  • Mixed characters
  • Common 'Ham' terms

12 progressive recorded lessons on a 12" LP intended as an aid to acquiring skill in sending and receiving International Morse Code. Highly recommended for aspiring "hams". (So said the notes in Elektra's 1966 US catalogue.)

Alternative sleeve title: Morse Code Course. Disc was made by using a tape recording of the code to electronically trigger an oscillator, the sound of this oscillator being fed directly to the disc cutting head. This technique was used to eliminate tape print-through. The recording / mastering was done in Peter Bártok's facility.

Flight Kit

Elektra EKL FLY (Mono)

Side 1

  • Simplified six-lesson morse code course

Side 2

  • Simulated ground-to-air communications

This is another mystery LP. It appears in a catalogue of Elektra 'Specialty' records and the brochure describes it as a boon to the light plane enthusiast. Comes complete with a laminated card of useful info to keep in the cockpit. I've never seen one of these ... was it ever released?

Elektra certainly distributed a series of LPs for pilots, made in conjunction with Barry Schiff, and one of those LPs, 'ATC Clears', could be the same album as the Flight Kit. 'ATC Clears' was issued in 1960 by Aero-Progress Inc of Los Angeles and had seven morse code lessons on side one rather than six ... but the key was operated by Jac Holzman.

The complete list of the flight LPs was as follows:

On Course, On the Glide Path  #7001

Instrument Flight #7002

Tower Communications  #7003

ATC Clears   #7004

Theory of Flight  #7005

Los Angeles to New York   #7006

Weather for Pilots  #7007

Buster B-T  #711

Ship to Shore  #7051

In Radar Contact  #7052

All were 12-inch except for #711 which was a 7-inch 33rpm disc aimed at children. The last two were issued after the end of the Elektra distribution deal.

Various Artists A Folk Music Sampler

Alt sleeve:A Folk Music Sampler

Elektra FMS 1 (Mono)

Released: 1954

Production: Jac Holzman

Side 1

  • Jean Ritchie: Black is the Color
  • Frank Warner: Keep Your Hand on the Plow
  • Shep Ginandes: The Cruel Mother
  • Voudoun ceremonial: Ayizan Marché
  • Cynthia Gooding: Ankaranin Tasina Bak
  • Shep Ginandes: The Monkey's Wedding

Side 2

  • Cynthia Gooding: La Bamba
  • Shep Ginandes: Le Joeur de Luth
  • Hally Wood: The House of the Rising Sun
  • Cynthia Gooding: The Lowlands of Holland
  • Tom Paley: Little Maggie
  • Sonny Terry: Kansas City

Available to radio stations and by direct mail order from Elektra Records only. The use of the word 'Sampler' came from a tradition of needle-work and this was the first time the term had been applied to a musical compilation.

Various Artists Folk Sampler

Alt sleeve:Folk Sampler

Elektra SMP 2 (Mono)

Released: 1956

Production: Jac Holzman

  • Ed McCurdy: Josie
  • Jean Léon Destiné and Ensemble: Declaration Paysanne
  • Clarence Cooper: Erie Canal
  • Cynthia Gooding and Theodore Bikel: Coplas
  • Ed McCurdy: Robin Hood and the Bold Pedlar
  • Theodore Bikel: Ptsach Bazemer
  • Jean Ritchie: Nottamun Town
  • Cynthia Gooding: Bella Regazza
  • Josh White: John Henry
  • Los Gitanillos de Cadiz: Sevillanas
  • Susan Reed: Must I go Bound
  • Theodore Bikel: Mangwani Mpulele
  • Alan Arkin: Crawdad Song
  • Suzanne Robert: Le Moulin de la Galette
  • Cynthia Gooding: The Derby Ram
  • Gordon Heath and Lee Payant: Au Clair de la Lune
  • Jean Ritchie and Oscar Brand: Keys of Canterbury
  • The Funmakers: My Ain House

First commercially available sampler (SMP1 was for radio stations and mail order). Most of the tracks on this disc are taken from the 10-inch Elektra series. Also repackaged in 1959 with title 'Folk Festival' and a different sleeve.

Various Artists Folk Pops 'n Jazz Sampler

Alt sleeve:Folk Pops 'n Jazz Sampler

Elektra SMP 3 (Mono)

Released: 1957

  • Josh White: Midnight Special
  • Cynthia Gooding: Lass Of The Low Countrie
  • Clarence Cooper: Nine Hundred Miles
  • Ed McCurdy: Sacramento
  • Sabicas: Soleares
  • Susan Reed: Black Is The Color
  • Glenn Yarbrough: Hard, Ain't It Hard
  • The New York Jazz Quartet: Coo Coo Calypso
  • Four French Horns: Come Rain Or Come Shine
  • The Jazz Messengers: Ugh!
  • Norene Tate: The Wail
  • The New York Jazz Quartet: Blue Chips
  • Teddy Charles: Skylark

The actual order of the three musical categories varied depending on whether you looked at the front, back or spine of the cover. In the sleeve note Jac explains how the origins of folk and jazz are similar and that the apparently disparate album is, in fact, homogenous.

Various Artists Around the World in Stereo

Alt sleeve:Around the World in Stereo

Elektra SMP 4-X (Stereo)

Production: Jac Holzman

Side 1

  • Ken Davern and his Salty Dogs: Tiger Rag
  • Gene and Francesca: Il Est Petit
  • Wiener Konzertschrammeln: Die Pötzleindörferin
  • Theodore Bikel: Kaletchka
  • Marylin Child and Glenn Yarborough: Gently Johnny
  • Neue Deutschmeister Band: Albrecht's March

Side 2

  • Sabicas and Los Trianeros Flamenco: Sevillanas
  • Tom Kines: A Maid Goin' to Comber
  • Edi Csoka and his Hungarian Gypsy Ensemble: Sina Hora
  • Oranim Zimbar Israeli Troupe: Orcha Bamidbar
  • Cynthia Gooding: Sul Capello
  • Original Trinidad Steel Band: Jamaica Farewell

Various Artists Folk Sampler Five

Alt sleeve:Folk Sampler Five

Elektra SMP 5 (Mono)

  • Tom Kines: A Maid Goin' To Comber
  • Flamenco: Bulerias
  • Josh White: Nine Foot Shovel
  • Hebrew Dance: Hora Heachzut
  • Marilyn Child and Glenn Yarborough: Mary Had A Baby
  • Theo Bikel: Beryuzoviye Kalyechke
  • Erik Darling: Swannanda Tunnel
  • Original Trinidad Steel Band: Steel Meringue
  • Theo Bikel: Kum Aher Du Filozof
  • The Shanty Boys: Johnson Boys
  • Cynthia Gooding: Ankaranin Tasina Bak
  • Pete Seeger, Eric Darling & the Folk Singers: Michael Row The Boat Ashore
  • Gene & Francesca: Il Est Petit
  • The Randolph Singers: Which Is The Properest Day To Drink
  • Paul Clayton: Stay Away From The Girls
  • Lord Foodos: Day-O

Various Artists The Folk Scene

Alt sleeve:The Folk Scene

Elektra SMP 6 (Mono)

  • Travellers 3: Bowling Green
  • Josh White: Red Sun
  • Ed McCurdy: Gypsy Laddie
  • Judy Collins: Pretty Saro
  • Jack Elliot: Talking Dust Bowl
  • Weissberg & Brickman: Flop-Eared Mule
  • Casey Anderson: Grizzly Bear
  • Bob Grossman: Bonnie Highland Laddie
  • The Limelighters: Greenland Fisheries
  • Theodore Bikel: One Sunday Morning
  • Cynthia Gooding: Lowlands Of Holland
  • Bob Gibson: Gilgarry Mountain
  • Sandy Paton: Daily Growing
  • Oscar Brand: Squid Jiggin' Ground

Sound Effects Sound Effects Sampler

Alt sleeve:Sound Effects Sampler

Elektra SMP 7 (Mono) SMP 7-ST (Stereo)

Released: April 1963

Side 1

  • Machine Guns
  • Telephone Rings Five Times
  • Plate Glass Smashing
  • Ping Pong
  • Fire Engine Passes With Bell Clanging
  • Steam Locomotive
  • Jet Fighter Flyby
  • Bacon Frying
  • Ethereal Space Sounds
  • Pile Driver
  • Niagara Falls
  • I B M Electric Typewriter
  • News Presses, High Speed
  • Hacksaw
  • Prize Fight, Large Arena

Side 2

  • Car Skid and Crash
  • Pop Bottle Sequence
  • Steamship Blast
  • Surf
  • Cricket Background
  • Pinball Machine
  • Bowling Sequence
  • Shooting Gallery
  • Dentist's Drill
  • Tea Kettle Sequence
  • Grandfather Clock Strikes Twelve
  • Trolley Car
  • Gong, Seven Strokes
  • Carousel
  • Stage Coach Passes
  • Tire Pump
  • Coal Truck Unloading

The UK release on Pye's Golden Guinea label reversed out the sleeve design so it was on black. This made sense considering that the main discs were all on black. The text on the UK version is slightly different as well, with a credit for Jac Holzman as with the main discs.

Various Artists Folksong '65

Alt sleeve:Folksong '65

Elektra SMP 8 (Mono) S 78 (Stereo)

Released: November 1965

  • Tom Rush: Long John
  • Judy Collins: So Early in the Spring
  • Koerner Ray & Glover: Linin' Track
  • Hamilton Camp: Girl of the North Country
  • Dick Rosmini: 900 Miles
  • Tom Paxton: The Last Thing on My Mind
  • Paul Butterfield Blues Band: Born in Chicago
  • Kathy & Carol: Fair Beauty Bright
  • Mark Spoelstra: White Winged Dove
  • Fred Neil: Blues on the Ceiling
  • Bruce Murdoch: Rompin' Rovin' Days
  • Phil Ochs: Power and the Glory

Stereo number is S-78. Also called the 15th Anniversary Commemorative Album - 15 years after the first Elektra album release. Butterfield track is different session to version on first album.

Theodore Bikel Theodore Bikel

Alt sleeve:Theodore Bikel

Elektra EPK 1001/2 (Mono)

  • Dodi Li
  • Pollerita
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Kum Aher Du Filozof (Come Here)
  • Emerald Rings (Beryuzoviye Kalyechke)
  • Rue
  • Mangwani Mpulele (I'm Wet With Rain)
  • Hana'Ava Babonot (You Fairest Maiden)

Double EP probably issued for promotional purposes.

Judy Collins Judy


Elektra JC1 (Mono) JC1 (Stereo)

Side 1: Stereo

  • Both Sides Now
  • Suzanne
  • Hard Lovin' Loser
  • Since You've Asked
  • Sunny Goodge Street
  • In My Life

Side 2: Mono

  • Both Sides Now
  • Suzanne
  • Hard Lovin' Loser
  • Since You've Asked
  • Sunny Goodge Street
  • In My Life

A promotional disc for radio stations with the same songs on each side, one side in stereo and the other in mono. It shares its cover with the Columbia Record Club disc, DS 500.

David Steinberg Untitled

Elektra DS 1 (Stereo)

Released: 1970

Side 1

  • My Name
  • Contact Lenses
  • Judy Disney

Side 2

  • Cute
  • The Coast
  • Lot: A Sermon

A promotional EP for radio stations excerpted from the LP 'Disguised as a Normal Person', EKS 74065.

Various Artists Elektra's Best: Volume 1, 1966 through 1968

Alt sleeve:Elektra's Best: Volume 1, 1966 through 1968

Elektra EB 1 (Stereo)

Released: 1968

  • Tim Buckley: Morning Glory
  • Paul Butterfield Blues Band: Born in Chicago
  • Paul Butterfield Blues Band: In My Own Dream
  • Judy Collins: Both Sides Now
  • Judy Collins: Suzanne
  • Judy Collins: Someday Soon
  • David Ackles: Down River
  • The Doors: Light My Fire
  • The Doors: Hello, I Love You
  • The Doors: Touch Me
  • The Dillards: Listen to the Sound
  • Earth Opera: Home to You
  • Diane Hildebrand: Early Morning Blues and Greens
  • Love: Seven & Seven Is
  • Love: Alone Again Or
  • Incredible String Band: First Girl I Loved
  • Incredible String Band: Air
  • Lonnie Mack: Why
  • Lonnie Mack: Save Your Money
  • 'Spider' John Koerner and Willie Murphy: Magazine Lady
  • Tom Rush: No Regrets
  • Hold Modal Rounders: Bird Song
  • Tom Paxton: Mister Blue
  • Rhinoceros: I Need Love
  • Rhinoceros: Apricot Brandy
  • Zodiac Cosmic Sounds: Aquarius
  • Baroque Beatles Book: You've Got to Hide Your Love Away/Ticket to Ride

A double album for radio station use. Were there any more volumes?

Various Artists Garden of Delights

Alt sleeve:Garden of Delights

Elektra S3 10 (Stereo)

Released: 1971

  • Butterfield Blues Band: Play On
  • Carly Simon: Alone
  • 'Spider' John Koerner and Willie Murphy: Magazine Lady
  • Paul Siebel: She Made Me Lose My Blues
  • Don Nix: Three Angels
  • Carol Hall: If I Be Your Lady
  • Tim Buckley: Wings
  • Bread: London Bridge
  • Beefeaters: Please Let Me Love You
  • Love: Hey Joe
  • Clear Light: Mr Blue
  • Crabby Appleton: Peace by Peace
  • Show of Hands: Moondance
  • The Stooges: Down on the Street
  • The Voices of East Harlem: Right On, Be Free
  • Joshua Rifkin: Scott Joplin's 'Maple Leaf Rag'
  • Even Dozen Jug Band: Come on In
  • Josh White: Jesus Gonna Make Up My Dyin' Bed
  • Lonnie Mack: Lay It Down
  • Lord Buckley: The Nazz
  • The New Seekers: Blackberry Way
  • Farquahr: Start Living
  • Rhinoceros: Apricot Brandy
  • Swamp Dogg: Creepin' Away
  • Roxy: Listen to the Music
  • The Wackers: Travellin' Time
  • Diane Hildebrand: Early Morning Blues and Greens
  • The Rainbow Band: Rama Rama
  • Siren: The Stride
  • Incredible String Band: Blackjack Davy
  • Lindisfarne: Lady Eleanor
  • Audience: It Brings a Tear
  • Atomic Rooster: Nobody Else
  • Renaissance: Island
  • Timber: Bring America Home
  • The Quinames Band: Green Rolling Hills of West Virginia
  • Judy Collins: Coming of the Roads
  • David Ackles: Subway to the Country
  • Jeanie Green: Like a Road Leading Home
  • Earth Opera: Home to You

This compilation may have been for Radio Station use since it boasts copious liner notes which were a DJ's dream but it was certainly available by mail order for $3, marketed as 'a new kind of sampler'. Jac and Keith Holzman put it together, ostensibly to celebrate the 17th anniversary of the first sampler LP: Elektra's 'A Folk Music Sampler' of 1954. Discogs lists a variant, with different tracks on sides one and four, where Love's 'Alone Again Or' is the first track.

Excerpts From 'A CHILD'S GARDEN OF GRASS - A Pre-Legalization Comedy'

Elektra CGG 1 (Stereo)

Side 1

  • The History of Marijuana
  • Creativity
  • Meditation
  • Making Love

Side 2

  • Try Some, It's Dynamite
  • Papers, Please
  • Grass is an Alangesic
  • M-A-R-I-J-U ...
  • Pickles
  • Zipping
  • Locked in the Refridgerator
  • Getting Hung Up
  • The Holy Three
  • Music While Stoned
  • A Thing Called Sex
  • The Sex Act
  • I Really Dig Doin' it, Spiro
  • Games & Grass
  • Beer-Beer-Beer
  • Game Kingdoms
  • Compliments of our Sponsor
  • Buying Marijuana

Radio station promotional disc, presumably designed to be a 'safe haven' for what is potentially a difficult album to air ... depending on your program controller's attitude to drugs! Side two of the disc is made up of 18 'sound bites' - from 5 seconds to just over a minute in length - that could be dropped in between other records.

The Uncle Dirty Primer

Elektra UDP 1 (Stereo)

Production: Lew Futterman (A Concert House Production)

Side 1: Radio Version

  • Make me Laugh
  • Education
  • Mescaline

Side 2: Short Takes

  • Cigarette Commercial
  • Greenwich Village is Dying
  • White Rice
  • South Lost War
  • Super Highways in the South
  • Oil Slicks
  • Cola Slicks
  • Agnew
  • Pueblo
  • Nixon
  • I Tried to be Legit
  • Maharishi
  • S I Hayakawa
  • Ramar
  • School Pills
  • Once Again the Lemmings
  • Woodstock
  • Parents
  • Iodine
  • OldMan, Young Man
  • The Answer
  • Dirty Commercial

Excerpted from EKS 74097.

It's often difficult to pick usable cuts from a disc if there is a problem with strong language (and often other things too). This LP, for radio stations, solved that problem with pre-chosen bits cued for air-play. The side two tracks are sometimes as short as two seconds! (No time to cue up the next track then.)

Bread Bread

Alt sleeve:Bread

Elektra BRD 1 (Stereo)

Released: 1971

  • Make it With You
  • London Bridge
  • Dismal Day
  • Call on Me
  • Let Your Love Go
  • If
  • Truckin'
  • Mother Freedom
  • It Don't Matter to Me
  • Baby I'm - A Want You
  • Everything I Own
  • Down on my Knees
  • Been Too Long on the Road

Promotional compilation from the first 4 albums.

Disc for Baba Ram Dass

Alt sleeve:Disc for Baba Ram Dass

Elektra BRD 1 (Stereo)

  • Rhagapati Raghava
  • Jai Guru Dev, Om Nama Siva
  • Isn't it you?
  • Rama Rama
  • I am the great Sun
  • Divine Mother
  • Mantra introduction
  • Aditaya Hirdam Puyam
  • Mantra introduction 2
  • Om Mane Padme Hum
  • Om Sami Ram
  • Prise God
  • Hare Hare

Confusingly, this disc has the same 'number' as the Bread sampler but this was not an official release. About 200 copies were pressed up by Elektra, free of charge, for the followers of a guru named Baba Ram Dass, whom Jac Holzman admired. I have seen it described as a 'bonus disc' for a boxed set of seven LPs called 'Love Serve Remember' published by ZBS Foundation. The disc does not have a proper sleeve (AFAIK) but was produced in a cardboard casing with a hole to show the label.

Baba Ram Dass began his life as Richard Alpert, the son of a lawyer/railroad president/university founder. As you find out about his life you discover that he was basically the '5th Beatle' of the psychedelic movement in the 1960s. He was trained as a psychologist and taught at Harvard. It was at Harvard, in company with Allen Ginsberg, Timothy Leary, Aldous Huxley and others, he tried LSD as a way to study human consciousness - it cost both him and Leary their jobs - and began to explore the Tibetan Book of the Dead. Alpert went to India in 1967 to return as Ram Dass after meeting his guru Neem Karoli Baba. Official site at for more information.

Various artists 1/71

Alt sleeve:1/71

Elektra EK-PROMO 1 (Stereo)

Released: January 1971

Side 1

  • Carly Simon: That's the way I've Always Heard it Should be
  • Paul Siebel: Jasper and the Miners
  • Carol Hall: Crazy Marinda
  • Show of Hands: Moondance

Side 2

  • Carol Hall: Goodbye, Jasper
  • Carly Simon: One More Time
  • Show of Hands: These Things I Know
  • Paul Siebel: Chips are Down

The first of a monthly-ish series of promotion LPs. They were for radio stations, journalists and (probably) also retailers. They would have been accompanied by a press pack and, initially, were packaged in plain gatefold covers with just a large butterfly logo on the cover and a pocket for the disc and promotionalia. The labels were all white butterfly promo labels.

Various Artists 2/71

Elektra EK-PROMO 2 (Stereo)

Released: February 1971

Side 1

  • The New Seekers: One
  • Swamp Dog : Creeping Away
  • David Frye: The Funnies
  • Siren: Relaxing With Bonnie Lee
  • Bread: She Was My Lady
  • Siren: The Stride

Side 2

  • Bread: He's A Good Lad
  • Swamp Dogg: Do You Believe
  • The New Seekers: Never Ending Song Of Love
  • David Frye: I Did It My Way

Various Artists 4/71

Elektra EK-PROMO 3 (Stereo)

Released: April 1971

Side 1

  • Timber: Bring America Home
  • A Child's Garden of Grass: Creativity
  • Tom Paxton: Intro to The Marvellous Toy
  • Tom Paxton: The Marvellous Toy
  • The Doors: Love Her Madly

Side 2

  • A Child's Garden of Grass: Making Love
  • The Doors: Changeling
  • Sioux Indians: Yuvipi Song
  • Timber: Don't Underestimate Your Friends

The Sioux Indians track is from 74091, 'Crow Dog's Paradise'

Various Artists 5/71

Elektra EK-PROMO 4 (Stereo)

Released: May 1971

  • Atomic Rooster: Tomorrow Night
  • The Rainbow Band: Midnite Sun
  • The Quinames Band: Don't Knock
  • Mike Heron: Call Me Diamond
  • Uncle Dirty: Education
  • The Quinames Band: Look To Yourself
  • The Rainbow Band: Simple Song
  • Mike Heron: Warm Heart Pastry
  • Atomic Rooster: Death Walks Behind You

Various Artists Elektra July Releases

Elektra EK-PROMO 5 (Stereo)

Released: June 1971

Side 1

  • Audience: Indian Summer
  • Don Nix: Olena
  • John Kongos: He's Gonna Step On You Again
  • The Quinaimes Band: Look To Yourself
  • The Butterfield Blues Band: Play On

Side 2

  • The Quinaimes Band: Green Rolling Hills Of West Virginia
  • Audience: I Put A Spell On You
  • Don Nix: Three Angels
  • Medicine Head: (And The) Pictures In The Sky
  • The Butterfield Blues Band : Trainman (Dinwiddie)

Despite promising a forthcoming album, for some reason, Elektra seems to have had second thoughts about releasing the Medicine Head album ("Heavy on the Drum"). John Peel and Clive Selwood's Dandelion label had already released it in the UK without, however, including "Pictures" which was a UK hit. Elektra released "(And the) Pictures in the Sky" later in 1971 as a single, EK-45741.

Various Artists Elektra September Releases

Elektra EK-PROMO 6 (Stereo)

Released: August 1971

Side 1

  • The Wackers: Travelin' Time
  • Jeanie Greene: Put Your Good On The Line
  • Lindisfarne: Winter Song
  • Lonnie Mack: The Hills Of Indiana
  • Jeanie Greene: Swaziland Remembered (African Folk Chant)

Side 2

  • Jeanie Greene: Joa-Bim
  • The Wackers: Body Go Round
  • Lonnie Mack: Rings
  • Lindisfarne: Clear White Light, Part II
  • Jac Holzman Talks To Bruce Harris About A Garden Of Delights

Various Artists Elektra Records October Releases

Elektra EK-PROMO 7 (Stereo)

Released: September 1971

Side 1

  • Crabby Appleton: Smokin' In The Morning
  • Cyrus: Brother Friend
  • The Incredible String Band: Everything's Fine Right Now
  • Bridget St. John: The Pebble And The Man
  • Mickey Newbury: How Many Times (Must The Piper Be Paid For His Song)

Side 2

  • Mickey Newbury: Mobile Blue
  • The Incredible String Band: The Letter
  • Cyrus: Evergreen (Earth Anthem)
  • Bridget St. John: Seagull-Sunday
  • Crabby Appleton: Love Can Change Everything

Various Artists Elektra January Releases

Elektra EK-PROMO 8 (Stereo)

Released: 1972

  • Bernie Taupin: Birth
  • John Kongos: Tokoloshe Man
  • The Incredible String Band: Evolution Rag
  • Atomic Rooster: Save Me
  • Lindisfarne: City Song
  • Harry Chapin: Could You Put Your Light On Please
  • Carol Hall: Thank You Babe
  • John Kongos: Jubilee Cloud
  • Lindisfarne: Meet Me On The Corner
  • Alabama State Troupers: Going Down
  • JF Murphy & Salt: If Wishes Were Horses
  • Timber: The Outlaw
  • Bread: Baby, I'm-a Want You
  • The Doors: Take It As It Comes
  • Bread: Everything I Own
  • Alabama State Troupers: My Father's House
  • Carol Hall: Sunday Lady
  • Harry Chapin: Taxi

Double album. The Timber track was supposed to be from a forthcoming album but the album never materialised. The track was. however, released as a single (EK 45773). The 'old' Doors track is here to promote 'Wierd Scenes inside the Gold Mine'. The Harry Chapin track is a pre-release mix of 'Taxi' that is different to the single and album versions. On the disc cover, Harry was also referred to as just 'Harry' in the listing for both his tracks.

Various Artists Sampler

Alt sleeve:Sampler

Elektra PROMO-9 (Stereo)

Released: 1972

Side 1

  • John Kongos: Tomorrow I'll Go
  • Carol Hall: Thank you Babe

Side 2

  • Bernie Taupin: Birth
  • Lindisfarne: Meet me on the Corner
  • Alabama State Troopers: Asphalt Outlaw Hero

There is an anomaly in the numerical sequence for these promo discs since numbers 9 and 10 seem to fit into a single month and the series was supposed to be monthly. The mystery over 9 is partially settled in that it's an EP not an LP. I still haven't seen a copy of number 10.

Various Artists Elektra March Releases

Alt sleeve:Elektra March Releases

Elektra EK-PROMO 11 (Stereo)

Released: March 1972

Side 1

  • Audience: Stand by the Door
  • JF Murphy & Salt: Silver Horn
  • Carol Hall: Uncle Malcom
  • The Wackers: Oh My Love
  • The Butterfield Blues Band: Look Over Yonder's Wall

Side 2

  • JF Murphy & Salt: First Born
  • The Wackers: I Hardly Knew Her Name
  • Carol Hall: Sandy
  • Audience: Barracuda Dan
  • The Butterfield Blues Band: East-West

The Butterfield tracks refer to a 'Best of Butterfield' which was, of course, finally titled 'Golden Butter'.

Various Artists Elektra April Releases

Elektra EK-PROMO 12 (Stereo)

Released: April 1972

  • Marlin Greene: Grand Illusion
  • Ronee Blakley: Blackbird
  • The Butterfield Blues Band: Mary, Mary
  • Carol Hall: Thank You Babe
  • Marlin Greene: Forest Ranger
  • Ronee Blakley: Graduation Tune
  • The Butterfield Blues Band: Born In Chicago
  • Lindisfarne: Peter Brophy Don't Care
  • Harry Chapin: Could You Put Your Light On, Please
  • Ronee Blakley: Attachment
  • Marlin Greene: Good Christian Cowboy
  • Marlin Greene: Tiptoe Past The Dragon

The Butterfield tracks are here to promote 'Golden Butter'.

Various Artists Elektra May Releases

Elektra EK-PROMO 13 (Stereo)

Released: May 1972

Side 1

  • Judy Collins: Someday Soon
  • Audience: Barracuda Dan
  • Sailcat: B B Gunn
  • Judy Collins: Suzanne
  • Audience: Hula Girl
  • Sailcat: Motorcycle Mama

Side 2

  • Audience: Stand By The Door
  • Judy Collins: Both Sides Now
  • John Kongos: Jubilee Cloud
  • Sailcat: On The Brighter Side Of It All
  • Judy Collins: In My Life

Various Artists Elektra Records June Releases

Elektra EK-PROMO 14 (Stereo)

Released: June 1972

Side 1

  • Aztec Two-Step: Baking
  • Jubal: Friendly Goodbye
  • David Ackles: Oh California
  • The New Seekers: Holy Rollin'
  • Aztec Two-Step: Persecution and Restoration of Dean Moriarty (On the Road)
  • Jubal: Really not a Rocker

Side 2

  • David Ackles: American Gothic
  • David Ackles: Love's Enough
  • Aztec Two-Step: Prisoner
  • The New Seekers: Circles
  • Jubal: Castles in the Sand

Various Artists Elektra August Releases

Elektra EK-PROMO 15 (Stereo)

Released: August 1972

Side 1

  • Casey Kelly: Poor Boy
  • Casey Kelly: Silver Meteor
  • Casey Kelly: Visiting An Old Friend
  • Atomic Rooster: Stand By Me
  • Atomic Rooster: Never to Lose

Side 2

  • The Ship: The Ship
  • The Ship: The Order
  • The Ship: Innocence
  • The Ship: The Man

The four Ship tracks run into each other, as do the originals on the LP.

Various Artists Elektra September Releases

Alt sleeve:Elektra September Releases

Elektra EK-PROMO 16 (Stereo)

Released: September 1972

Side 1

  • Harry Chapin: Sniper
  • Lindisfarne: Don't Ask Me
  • Goodthunder: Moonship
  • The Electric Prunes: I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night

Side 2

  • Lindisfarne: All Fall Down
  • Goodthunder: Sentries
  • The Seeds: Pushing too Hard
  • The Ship: The Man
  • Harry Chapin: And the Baby Never Cries

Various Artists Elektra October Releases

Alt sleeve:Elektra October Releases

Elektra EK-PROMO 17 (Stereo)

Released: October 1972

Side 1

  • Sweet Salvation: Do a Number
  • Plainsong: Yo-Yo Man
  • Plainsong: In Search of Amelia Earhart
  • The Wackers: It's My Life
  • The Wackers: Day and Night
  • Swet Salvation: Sail Away

Side 2

  • Bread: The Guitar Man
  • Plainsong: Louise
  • Plainsong: I'll Fly Away
  • The Wackers: Hey, Lawdy Lawdy
  • Sweet Salvation: Rock Steady

Album compiled by Keith Holzman

Various Artists Something out of the Ordinary: January 1973

Elektra EK-PROMO 18 (Stereo)

Released: December 1971

Side 1

  • The New Seekers: Beautiful People
  • Billy Mernit: Special Delivery
  • Veronique Sanson: Amoureuse
  • Dana Cooper: Jesse james
  • Curt Boetcher: Wufferton Frog

Side 2

  • Carly Simon: You're So Vain
  • Bread: Diary
  • Judy Collins: The Hostage
  • Mickey Newbury: Heaven Help the Child
  • Don Agrati: Two Bit Afternoon

Various Artists Elektra July Releases

Elektra EK-PROMO 19 (Stereo)

Released: July 1973

  • Courtland Pickett: Fancy Dancer
  • Capital City Rockets: Little Bit O' Fun
  • Linda Hargrove: Fallen Angel
  • Courtland Pickett: It's All Over Now
  • Linda Hargrove: Music Is Your Mistress
  • Ian Matthews: Keep On Sailing
  • Capital City Rockets: Breakfast In Bed
  • Ian Matthews: Old Man At The Mill
  • Linda Hargrove: New York City Song
  • Courtland Pickett: Softly Saying
  • Ian Matthews: These Days
  • Linda Hargrove: My Secret Self

Album compiled by Keith Holzman

Mickey Newbury Recorded Live at Montezuma Hall

Alt sleeve:Recorded Live at Montezuma Hall

Elektra EK-PROMO 20 (Stereo)

Released: 1973

Production: Ron Middag

  • How I Love Them Old Songs
  • Heaven Help the Child
  • Earthquake
  • Cortelia Clark
  • I Came to Hear the Music
  • Breeze Lullaby
  • San Francisco Mabel Joy
  • Bugger Red Rap
  • Bugger Red Blues (The Truck Song)
  • An American Trilogy
  • Encore
  • Please Send Me Someone to Love
  • She Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye

Version for Radio Station use only; later released as part of double album. Recorded at Montezuma Hall, San Diego State University March 6, 1973.

Judy Collins Judy

Alt sleeve:Judy

Elektra DS 500 (Stereo) - Matrix XSM 139669/70

Released: 1969

Side 1

  • Pack up your Sorrows
  • Tomorrow is a Long Time
  • Early Morning Rain
  • Anathea
  • Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything there is a Season)
  • Daddy You've Been on my Mind

Side 2

  • Mr Tambourine Man
  • Winter Sky
  • The Last Thing on my Mind
  • The Bells of Rhymney
  • Farewell

A special compilation for the Columbia Record Club, although there is nothing other than the unusual matrix numbers to indicate this.

Jackson Browne and Steve Noonan Songs by ...

Nina Music Publishing 3/4 (Mono)

Released: 1967

Recorded: Jaycina Studios, New York and Columbia Studios, Los Angeles

Side 1 - Jackson Browne

  • Holding
  • Somewhere There's A Feather
  • I've Been Out Walking
  • Funny You Should Ask
  • Love Me, Lovely
  • You've Forgotten
  • Someday Morning
  • Cast Off All My Fears
  • In My Time
  • Melissa

Side 2 - Jackson Browne

  • It's Been Raining Here In Long Beach
  • You'll Get It In The Mail Today
  • Shadow Dream Song
  • The Light From Your Smile
  • Gotta See A Man About A Daydream
  • Time Travel Fantasy
  • The Fairest Of The Seasons
  • Sing My Songs To Me
  • Lavender Windows
  • The Painter

Side 3 - Jackson Browne

  • Fourth And Main
  • Bound For Colorado
  • We Can Be
  • And I See
  • Ah, But Sometimes
  • Marianne
  • Tumble Down
  • You Didn't Need A Cloud
  • Lavender Bassman
  • She's A Flying Thing

Side 4 - Steve Noonan

  • Street Singer
  • Santana
  • High Journey
  • Maid of Cantontown
  • The Tide of Love
  • Buy For Me The Rain
  • Trusting is a Harder Thing
  • Leaning Back and Laughing
  • Back Alley Dream Street Song
  • Another Kind of Present Song

Nina music was Elektra's publishing arm and was named after Jac Holzman's first wife. These two discs were publishers demos sent to record companies and other artists to encourage recording of the songs. Probably only 100 copies were produced.

Although Jackson Browne didn't record for Elektra he was part of the aborted Paxton Lodge project (see FTM for more information). I haven't heard these recordings but publishers demos are not usually known for their recording quality however they are Jackson's earliest extant recordings and as a result are quite sought-after.

The discs are simply numbered 3 and 4 (A and B) and since I think they were distributed together I have treated them as a double album. However, there wouldn't have been a sleeve as such, just white card jackets if that. It also makes me wonder what other Nina Music demos were produced ... there presumably are at least two more.

Of the Browne songs, all but three are solo compositions. 'Gotta See A Man About A Daydream' and 'The Fairest Of The Seasons' were co-written with lyricist Greg Copeland and 'Time Travel Fantasy' was co-written with Pamela Polland.

All but one of the Steve Noonan songs were co-written by Noonan and lyricist Greg Copeland. 'Santana' is credited to Jackson Browne as composer but Steve told me in an email (and thanks for the tracklist Steve) that he recalls this as being a Noonan/Browne collaboration from the summer of either '64 or '65.