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Audience The House On The Hill

Sleeve:The House On The Hill

Elektra EKS 74100 (Stereo)

Released: 1971

Production: Gus Dudgen

Recorded: Trident Studios, London

Side 1

  • Indian Summer
  • You're Not Smilin'
  • Jackdaw
  • It Brings A Tear
  • Raviolé

Side 2

  • Nancy
  • I Had A Dream
  • I Put A Spell On You
  • The House On The Hill

Licensed from Charisma Records (UK). The US version has a different track listing to the UK original (adds "Indian Summer" and "It Brings a Tear", omits "Eye to Eye" and changes the order) and the typography on the sleeve is different. Oddly, on the UK original "You're not Smiling" is spelled "Your not Smiling".

Don Nix Living By The Days

Sleeve:Living By The Days

Elektra EKS 74101 (Stereo)

Released: 1971

  • The Shape I'm In
  • Olena
  • I Saw The Light
  • She Don't Want A Lover (She Just Needs a Friend)
  • Living By The Days
  • Going Back ToIuka
  • Three Angels
  • Mary Louise
  • My Train's Done Come and Gone

Lonnie Mack The Hills Of Indiana

Sleeve:The Hills Of Indiana

Elektra EKS 74102 (Stereo)

Released: 1972

  • Asphalt Outlaw Hero
  • Florida
  • Lay It Down
  • Hills Of Indiana
  • Uncle Pen
  • Bicycle Annie
  • A Fire Way To Go
  • Rings
  • Man In Me
  • She Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye
  • All Good Things Will Come To Pass
  • Three Angels

Jeanie Greene Mary Called Jeanie Greene

Sleeve:Mary Called Jeanie Greene

Elektra EKS 74103 (Stereo)

Released: 1971

  • Yes I Do Understand
  • You Know Who You Are
  • Put Your Good On The Line
  • Thank God He Came
  • Like A Road Leading Home
  • Swaziland Remembered
  • Joa-Bim
  • Mighty Time
  • Magdalene's Medley
  • Pre-Reognition
  • Only The Children Know
  • Going Home
  • Peter Put Away Your Sword

Bridget St John Songs For The Gentle Man

Sleeve:Songs For The Gentle Man

Elektra/Dandelion EKS 74104 (Stereo)

Released: 1971

Production: Ron Geesin

  • A Day A Way
  • City Crazy
  • Early-Morning Song
  • Back To Stay
  • Seagull Sunday
  • If You'd Been There
  • Song For The Laird Of Connaught Hall - Part Two
  • Making Losing Better
  • Lady And The Gentleman
  • Downderry Daze
  • Pebble And The Man
  • It Seems Very Strange

Licensed from Dandelion Records in the UK and jointly labelled 'Dandelion'.

Cyrus Faryar Cyrus


Elektra EKS 74105 (Stereo)

Released: 1971

  • Softly Through The Darkness
  • I Think He's Hiding
  • Sweet Believer
  • Evergreen (Earth Anthem)
  • Rattle's Dream
  • New Beginnings
  • Companion
  • Brother, Friend
  • Springtime Bouquet
  • Kingdom

The voice of the Zodiac (EKS 74009) goes solo.

Crabby Appleton Rotten To The Core

Sleeve:Rotten To The Core

Elektra EKS 74106 (Stereo)

  • Smokin' In The Mornin'
  • Tomorrow's A New Day
  • It's So Hard
  • Makes No Difference
  • You Make Me Hot
  • One More Time
  • Lucy
  • Paper To Write On
  • Lookin' For Love
  • Love Can Change Everything
  • Gonna Save You (From That)

Orginally called Stonehenge, the group's name was changed when Michael Fennelly joined. Fennelly had been a member of Millennium and was on the Sagittarius album, both connecting him to another Elektra alumnus, Curt Boettcher (EKS 75037).

The band is named after the character of the same name from the Tom Terrific cartoon series which dates from the late 1950s in the USA. His theme song went ... "My name is Crabby Appleton, I'm rotten to the core. I do a bad deed every day, and sometimes three or four." The album sleeve includes an embossed image of him, difficult to see in the photo here, at the bottom left.

Mickey Newbury Frisco Mabel Joy

Sleeve:Frisco Mabel Joy

Elektra EKS 74107 (Stereo) EQ 4107 (Quad)

Released: 1971

Production: Dennis Linde

  • An American Trilogy
  • How Many Times
  • Futures Not What It Used To
  • Mobile Blue
  • Frisco Depot
  • You're Not My Same Sweet Baby
  • Remember The Good
  • Swiss Cottage Place
  • How I Love Them Old Songs

The New Seekers New Colours

Sleeve:New Colours

Elektra EKS 74108 (Stereo)

  • Tonight
  • Too Many Trips To Nowhere
  • Wanderer's Song
  • Boom-Town
  • Evergreen
  • Move Me Lord
  • Nickel Song
  • Lay Me Down
  • No Man's Land
  • Sweet Louise
  • Good Old Fashioned

Atomic Rooster In Hearing Of

Sleeve:In Hearing Of

Elektra EKS 74109 (Stereo)

Released: 1971

Side 1

  • Breakthrough
  • Break The Ice
  • Decision/Indecision
  • A Spoonful Of Bromide
  • Devils Answer

Side 2

  • Black Snake
  • Head In The Sky
  • Rock
  • Price

Licensed from B&C records in the UK, who had used it to launch their Pegasus label (PEG 1). The UK original does not include "Devil's Answer" and the sleeve is slightly different as the drawing does not appear in a frame.

The Incredible String Band Liquid Acrobat As Regards The Air

Sleeve:Liquid Acrobat As Regards The Air

Elektra EKS 74112 (Stereo)

Released: 1971

  • Talking Of The End
  • Dear Old Battlefield
  • Cosmic Boy
  • Worlds They Rise And Fall
  • Evolution Rag
  • Painted Chariot
  • Adam and Eve
  • Red Hair
  • Here Till Here Is There
  • Tree
  • Jigs
  • Darling Belle

UK Release on Island ILPS 9172.

The New Seekers I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing

Sleeve:I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing

Elektra EKS 74115 (Stereo)

  • Tonight
  • Too Many Trips To Nowhere
  • Wanderer's Song
  • Boom-Town
  • Evergreen
  • I Like To Teach The World To Sing
  • Nickel Song
  • Lay Me Down
  • No Man's Land
  • Sweet Louise
  • Good Old Fashioned Music
  • Child Of Mine

The title song was used by Coca-Cola as their advertising song with the words changed to 'I'd Like to buy the World a Coke' (Coca-Cola and Coke are undoubtedly trade marks of the Coca-Cola Corporation ... honest!)

This LP is actually 'New Colors' (EKS 74108) with two tracks removed and "I'd like to Teach ..." added.