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Theodore Bikel From Bondage To Freedom

Sleeve:From Bondage To Freedom

Elektra EKL 200 (Mono) EKS 7200 (Stereo)

Production: Jac Holzman

  • Di Shvu'e
  • Les Guitares De I'Exil
  • Follow The Drinking Gourd
  • Oriol
  • Un Du Akerst
  • MacPherson 's Lament
  • Eten Bamidbar (Isaiah 41)
  • Mrs McGrath
  • Scots Wha Hae
  • Die Moorsoldaten
  • One Sunday Morning
  • The Rising Of The Moon
  • The Vision of the Bones (Ezekiel 37)

Oranim Zabar and Geula Gil A Town Hall Concert

Sleeve:A Town Hall Concert

Elektra EKL 201 (Mono) EKS 7201 (Stereo)

Side 1

  • Sheer Yayin
  • Ta'am Haman
  • Bim Bam
  • Sha Duma
  • Shabat Shalom
  • Hava Hagila

Side 2

  • Ki Mitzion
  • Yemanja
  • Tumbalalayka
  • Roumanian Medley
  • Tani Tani
  • Hallelujah

Tan label copies (from the 1960s) misspell the group name as Oramim Zabar on the label. Earlier grey label ones spell it correctly.

Los Chiriguanos Pulsating Sounds of Paraguay

Sleeve:Pulsating Sounds of Paraguay

Elektra EKL 202 (Mono) EKS 7202 (Stereo)

Production: Fred Hellerman

  • Mercedita
  • Subo
  • Llegada
  • Ay Para Navidad
  • El Chupino
  • Viva Jujuy
  • Viajera
  • Naranjitay
  • Pajaro Campana
  • Virginia
  • El Arriero
  • Paisaje De Catamarca
  • Mi Despedida

The disc may really be eponymous as the label doesn't have the 'Pulsating Sounds ..." text. Some catalogues refer to pulsating 'Rhythms' instead. UK release on Bounty 6034.

Josh White The House I Live In

Sleeve:The House I Live In

Elektra EKL 203 (Mono) EKS 7203 (Stereo)

Production: Jac Holzman

  • Good Morning Blues
  • Johnny Has Gone For A Soldier
  • Waltzing Matilda
  • When I Lay Down And Die
  • Mean Mistreater
  • Blind Man Stood On The Road And Cried
  • Freedom Road
  • Man Who Couldn't Walk Around
  • T B Blues
  • House I Live In

Oscar Brand For Doctors Only

Sleeve:For Doctors Only

Elektra EKL 204 (Mono) EKS 7204 (Stereo)

  • How To Be A Doctor
  • Appendectomy Country-Style
  • Ort Gyn
  • Charming White Caps
  • Television Doctors
  • Miracle Drugs
  • My First Day At Med School
  • Old G P
  • Here Comes The A M A
  • Conventional Behaviour
  • Surgery
  • Doctor's Wife
  • Medical Life Calypso
  • Conquest Of Disease

Ed McCurdy A Treasure Chest Of American Folk Song

Sleeve:A Treasure Chest Of American Folk Song

Elektra EKL 205 (Mono)

Released: 1961

Production: Jac Holzman

  • Who Is The Man
  • The Two Sisters
  • Yorkshire Bite
  • Frog's Courtship
  • Gypsy Laddie
  • Andrew Bardine
  • Lord Randal
  • The Paw Paw Patch
  • In Old Virginny
  • Boll Weevil
  • Hunters Of Kentucky
  • Derby Ram
  • The Squirrel
  • Black Is The Color
  • Rock About, My Saro Jane
  • Down In The Valley
  • Across The Western Ocean
  • Paddy Works On The Railway
  • My Pretty Little Pink
  • Lane County Bachelor
  • Careless Love
  • Bury Me Beneath The Willow
  • Gently, Fair Jenny
  • Simple Gifts
  • Wondrous Love
  • John Brown's Body
  • There Was An Old Soldier
  • Jesse James
  • The Cowboy's Dream
  • Roving Gambler
  • James Whaland
  • Clinch Mountain
  • Willy The Weeper
  • Hard Travelin'

A double album (Bonus Pak) for $4.98 ... or $5.95 in Canada. This solidly-packed double splits four areas of American folk tradition across the four sides: New England, The South, O Pioneers! and A Song for Occupations. The inner sleeve refers to a stereo version, but this may be spurious.

Geula Gill (Oranim Zabar) The Whole World Dances

Sleeve:The Whole World Dances

Elektra EKL 206 (Mono) EKS 7206 (Stereo)

  • Uvanu Arim
  • Alunelu
  • Misirlou
  • Broiges Tanz
  • Ci Erennelli
  • Weggis
  • Karobushka
  • Sano Duso
  • Corrido
  • Shibolet Bassadeh
  • Road To The Isles
  • Going Down To Cairo

Bob Gibson and Bob Camp Gibson and Camp at The Gate Of Horn

Sleeve:Gibson and Camp at The Gate Of Horn

Elektra EKL 207 (Mono) EKS 7207 (Stereo)

Released: 1961

Production: Jac Holzman

Recorded: Gate of Horn, April 1961

Side 1

  • Skillet Good and Greasy
  • Old Blue
  • St Claire's Defeat
  • I'm Gonna Tell God
  • Two in the Middle
  • Civil War Trilogy (First Batallion, Yes I See, Two Brothers)

Side 2

  • Daddy Roll 'Em
  • The Thinking Man
  • Butternut Hill (on early pressings only)
  • Wayfaring Stranger
  • Chicago Cops
  • Betty and Dupree

Bob Camp later changed his name to Hamilton Camp.

This LP was the subject of a half-million-dollar law suit (although papers were never served) which alleged that a song, 'Butternut Hill', has caused one Frances Faye "irreparable injury" according to Billboard (Jan 27th 1962). As a result the disc was withdrawn and re-pressed with the offending track (which was short) removed.

Ida Presti and Alexandre Lagoya The Virtuoso Guitars of Presti and Lagoya

Sleeve:The Virtuoso Guitars of Presti and Lagoya

Elektra EKL 208 (Mono) EKS 7208 (Stereo)

  • Bach: Courante Allemande Alleg
  • Scarlatti: Sonatas #33 And #23
  • Granados: Oriental
  • Marella: Andante, Menuetto Rondo, Gigue
  • Debussy: Clair De Lune

Reissued on Nonesuch H-71161.

Judy Collins A Maid Of Constant Sorrow

Sleeve:A Maid Of Constant Sorrow

Elektra EKL 209 (Mono) EKS 7209 (Stereo)

Released: 1962

Production: Jac Holzman

  • Maid Of Constant Sorrow
  • Prickilie Bush
  • Wild Mountain Thyme
  • Tim Evans
  • Sailor's Life
  • Bold Fenian Men
  • Wars Of Germany
  • O Daddy Be Gay
  • I Know Where I'm Going
  • John Riley
  • Pretty Saro
  • The Rising Of The Moon

Theodore Bikel A Harvest Of Israeli Folksongs

Sleeve:A Harvest Of Israeli Folksongs

Elektra EKL 210 (Mono) EKS 7210 (Stereo)

  • Ken Yovdu
  • Ha'avoda
  • Havu Lanu Yayin
  • Tsei'i Lach
  • Shuva Elay
  • Erev Ba
  • Migdalor
  • Emek
  • Plyus
  • Arava Ho Arava
  • Layla Al Hakfar
  • Simchu Na
  • Shabat Shalom
  • Avigayil
  • Har Vakar

Josh White Empty Bed Blues

Sleeve:Empty Bed Blues

Elektra EKL 211 (Mono) EKS 7211 (Stereo)

Production: Jac Holzman

  • Empty Bed Blues
  • Mother On That Train
  • Bottle Up And Go
  • Backwater Blues
  • Baby Baby Blues
  • Lord Have Mercy
  • Home In That Rock
  • Paul And Silas
  • His Eye Is On The Sparrow
  • That Suits Me

Initial UK release Golden Guinea GGL 0160

Sasha Polinoff and His Russian Gypsy Orchestra Fastest Balalaika In The West

Sleeve:Fastest Balalaika In The West

Elektra EKL 212 (Mono) EKS 7212 (Stereo)

Released: 1962

  • Kamarinskaya
  • Ukrainskoye Potpouri
  • Kalinka
  • Mazurka
  • Pesnia Rebakah
  • Gypsy Song
  • Toska Po Rodine
  • Yamschik
  • Ticho Vait Vetirok
  • Svetit Mesiatz
  • To Nie Vietier Vietku Clonit
  • Gaida Troika-proschay

Ed McCurdy The Best Of Dalliance

Sleeve:The Best Of Dalliance

Elektra EKL 213 (Mono)

  • Go Bring Me A Lass
  • Lusty Young Smith
  • The Trooper
  • When Flora Had On Her New Gown
  • Uptails All
  • The Shepherd
  • Four Able Physicians
  • Hive Of Bees
  • Yeoman Of Kent
  • Lady So Frolic And Gay
  • A Riddle
  • Three Birds
  • Sylvia The Fair
  • Playhouse Saint
  • Sound Country Lass
  • Young Man And A Maid
  • Jolly Tinker
  • A Wanton Trick
  • Jolly Miller
  • She Lay All Naked
  • A Trades Man
  • A Petition
  • Tottingham Frolic
  • Character Of A Mistress
  • The Vine
  • Country Wake
  • Pleasant Ballad
  • The End

'Bonus-Pak' double album.

Jean Redpath Scottish Ballad Book

Sleeve:Scottish Ballad Book

Elektra EKL 214 (Mono)

  • Gypsy Laddie
  • Barbarry Allan
  • Twa Corbies
  • Wee Cooper O'Fife
  • Clerk Saunders
  • Bonny Boy
  • Inverey
  • Rantin' Laddie
  • Wee Toon Clerk
  • Licht Bob's Lassie
  • Sir Patrick Spens

Bob Grossman Bob Grossman

Sleeve:Bob Grossman

Elektra EKL 215 (Mono)

Production: Jac Holzman and Mark Abramson

  • Viva La Quince Brigada
  • The First Time
  • Whoa Back Buck
  • Buked And Scorned
  • Legend Of John Henry
  • Noah
  • Bonnie Highland Laddie
  • Vayiven Uziahu
  • Whiskey In The Jar
  • Clear the Track
  • Abdul Albulbul Amir
  • The Fox

Recorded live at the Buddhi in Oklahoma City in October 1961. By 1965 Bob had changed (or reverted) his name to Aron Cain and changed from folk to ballad performances.

The Travelers 3 The Travelers 3

Sleeve:The Travelers 3

Elektra EKL 216 (Mono) EKS 7216 (Stereo)

Released: 1963

  • Roll Along
  • Hush A Bye
  • Tamure
  • Bowling Green
  • Well Well Well
  • Sinner Man
  • Julianne
  • Marcella Wahine
  • Land Of Oden
  • Hi Jolly
  • Gotta Travel On
  • Good Morning Captain

Eric Weissberg, Marshall Brickman, Tom Paley and Art Rosenbaum Folk Banjo Styles

Sleeve:Folk Banjo Styles

Elektra EKL 217 (Mono) EKS 7217 (Stereo)

Production: Jac Holzman

  • Eric Weissberg and Marshall Brickman: Flop-Eared Mule
  • Eric Weissberg and Marshall Brickman: Wildwood Flower
  • Eric Weissberg: John Hardy
  • Eric Weissberg: Nine Hundred Miles
  • Eric Weissberg and Marshall Brickman: Lonesome Road Blues
  • Tom Payley: Wild Bill Jones
  • Tom Payley: Pretty Polly
  • Tom Payley: Rabbit Where's Your Mammy
  • Tom Payley: Handsome Molly
  • Tom Payley: John Henry
  • Tom Payley: The Eighth Of January
  • Tom Payley: Marching Through Georgia
  • Art Rosenbaum: Callahan
  • Art Rosenbaum: Coal Creek March
  • Art Rosenbaum: Across The Sea
  • Art Rosenbaum: Harlan County Farewell Tune
  • Art Rosenbaum: Svannanoa Tunnel
  • Art Rosenbaum and Marshall Brickman: Spanish Fandango
  • Art Rosenbaum: Goodbye Old Booze
  • Eric Weissberg and Marshall Brickman: Bluegrass Medley
  • Eric Weissberg and Marshall Brickman: Forty Winks
  • Eric Weissberg and Marshall Brickman: Devil's Dream

Cynthia Gooding Treasury of Spanish and Mexican Folk Songs

Sleeve:Treasury of Spanish and Mexican Folk Songs

Elektra EKL 218 (Mono)

Production: Jac Holzman and Mark Abramson

  • El Hijo Da Villanueva
  • Gerineldo
  • El Carcelero
  • La Trecautiva
  • Los Diez Mandamientos
  • Delgadina
  • Ay Un Galan
  • Donde Va Usted ( or La Esposa Difunta)
  • La Peregrina
  • El Toro Jubilo
  • La Manana De San Juan
  • Morena Mia
  • El Sereno
  • Las Torres De Puebla
  • A Ser Soldado
  • La Nortena
  • Arrorro
  • Cancion De Cuna
  • Aunque Me Ves
  • El Vito
  • No Quiero
  • El Arred
  • Mariquita
  • Los Quatro Muleros
  • Al Olivo
  • Los Cordones
  • Sandunga
  • Venga Jaleo
  • Cielito Lindo
  • Casabel
  • Esperar
  • Coplas De Amor
  • La Rana
  • Nochebuena
  • Vallancicos
  • En El Monte
  • Alabamoste

'Bonus-Pak' double album.

Dov Seltzer conducting the Maccabee Singers Sing Along In Hebrew

Sleeve:Sing Along In Hebrew

Elektra EKL 219 (Mono) EKS 7219 (Stereo)

Production: Jac Holzman

Engineering: Mark Abramson and Steve Safion

Side 1

  • Finjan
  • Dodi Li
  • Simona Midimona
  • Erev Shel Shoshanim
  • Erets Zavat
  • Ana Pana Dodech
  • Erev Ba

Side 2

  • Hine Ma Tov
  • Hey Daroma
  • Eten Bamidbar
  • Hana'ave Babanot
  • Ne'achez Bechol Mishlat/Zamar Noded
  • Hava Nagila

Theodore Bikel The Poetry And Prophecy Of The Old Testament

Sleeve:The Poetry And Prophecy Of The Old Testament

Elektra EKL 220 (Mono) EKS 7220 (Stereo)

  • Creation
  • Expulsion from Paradise
  • Lamentation of the Jeremiah
  • By the Rivers of Babylon
  • Vision of Isaiah
  • Song of Songs
  • Lovers
  • Abducation and the Escape
  • Psalms 98 and 150

Cynthia Gooding and Yves Tessier French And Italian Folksongs

Sleeve:French And Italian Folksongs

Elektra EKL 221 (Mono)

Production: Jac Holzman

  • Quanno Spunts Lu Sole
  • M'Affaccio Alla Finestra
  • Sul Cappello
  • Non Ti Ricordi
  • Tenete L'Occhio
  • Bella Ragazza
  • Tre Amoru
  • Peschi Fiorenti
  • O, Balis Tu, Pieri?
  • Sul Ponte Di Bassano
  • Fior Di Bombace
  • Nina
  • Ses Tu Benedeta
  • El Avvelenato
  • Canto Del Carcerato
  • Estampie
  • Lan Can Li Jorn Lonc En Mai
  • A L'Entree D'Este
  • Cil Qui D'Amor Me Conseille
  • Pax In Nomine Domini
  • Pastourelle
  • O Dame, O Dame
  • Aisi Com Es Sobronrada
  • Chanson De Crusade
  • Ma Viele
  • Reis Glorios

Cynthia Gooding tracks from EKL 17 and Yves Tessier tracks from EKL 31. The stereo sampler (SMP-4X) refers to a stereo 'Italian and French Folk Songs' as being on number 155-X but this didn't happen.

Judy Collins Golden Apples Of The Sun

Sleeve:Golden Apples Of The Sun

Elektra EKL 222 (Mono) EKS 7222 (Stereo)

Released: 1962

Production: Jac Holzman

  • Golden Apples Of The Sun
  • Bonnie Ship The Diamond
  • Little Brown Dog
  • Twelve Gates To The City
  • Christ Child Lullaby
  • Great Selchie Of Shule
  • Tell Me Who I'll Marry
  • Fannerio
  • Crow On The Cradle
  • Lark In The Morning
  • Sing Hallelujah
  • Shule Aroon

Various Artists A Treasury of Folk Songs for Children

Sleeve:A Treasury of Folk Songs for Children

Elektra EKL 223 (Mono)

Released: October 1962

Production: Jac Holzman

Side 1 - Fun Songs

  • Ed McCurdy: Good Old Colony Times
  • Alan Arkin: Great Granddad
  • Alan Arkin: Tom With-a-Grin
  • Shanty Boys: Johnson Boys
  • Shanty Boys: Puttin' On The Style
  • Shep Ginandes: The Monkey's Wedding
  • Shep Ginandes : Ground Hog
  • Shep Ginandes : I Bought Me A Cat
  • Folk Singers: Hole In The Bottom Of The Sea
  • Sandy Paton: I Never Go To Work
  • Sandy Paton: Street Songs

Side 2 - Songs of America

  • Clarence Cooper: Old Kentucky
  • Clarence Cooper: Erie Canal
  • Clarence Cooper: Waterboy
  • Frank Warner: Fod
  • Frank Warner: Dan Doo
  • Frank Warner: Raccoon
  • Frank Warner: Doodle Dandy - a song of the American Revolution
  • Frank Warner: Bonnie Blue Flag - a song of the South
  • Frank Warner: Battle Cry of Freedom - a song of the North
  • Ed McCurdy: Hunters Of Kentucky

Side 3 - Love and Courting Songs

  • Glenn Yarbrough: Young Man Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn
  • Jean Ritchie: Aunt Sal's Song
  • Jean Ritchie and Oscar Brand: Lazy John
  • Oscar Brand: Kansas Boys
  • Jean Ritchie and Oscar Brand: Two Dukes A-Riding
  • Jean Ritchie: Old Shoe Boots and Leggings
  • Alan Arkin: Colorado Trail
  • Ed McCurdy: Ten Thousand Miles
  • Ed McCurdy: Riddle Song
  • Folk Singers: By'm By

Side 4 - Oulaw and Sea Songs

  • Ed McCurdy: Robin Hood and the Bold Pedlar
  • Jack Elliot: Jesse James
  • Oscar Brand: Billy The Kid
  • Ed McCurdy: Captain Kidd
  • Eugene Bryce and the Seafarers Chorus: Whup Jamboree
  • Eugene Bryce and the Seafarers Chorus: Greenland Whalers
  • Eugene Bryce and the Seafarers Chorus: Rolling Home

'Bonus-Pak' double album with material taken from the vaults/back catalogue and packaged nicely with illustrations credited to B. Greenwald-R. The cover included the two inner sides plus a tear-off leaf which could be coloured-in. You could even try your hand at colouring the guitar player logo.

Jean Redpath Songs Of Love Lilt And Laughter

Sleeve:Songs Of Love Lilt And Laughter

Elektra EKL 224 (Mono)

  • Day We Went To Rothesay
  • Caller O'u
  • Mouth Music
  • Wae's Me For Prince Charlie
  • Mcfarlane O' The Sprots O'bur
  • Nicky Tams
  • Song Of The Seals
  • Peat Fire Flame
  • Love Is Teasin'
  • Lewis Bridal Song
  • Paddy Mcginty's Goat
  • Tae The Weavers
  • Kirk Swaree
  • She Moved Through The Fair

Released in UK as Bounty BY 6004 in 1966.

Theodore Bikel The Best Of Bikel

Sleeve:The Best Of Bikel

Elektra EKL 225 (Mono) EKS 7225 (Stereo)

  • Dodi Li
  • Ma Guitare Et Moi
  • Beryuzoviye Kalyechke
  • Unter A Kleyn Beymele
  • Rue
  • Pollerita
  • Hej Pada Pada
  • Piyus
  • Hulyet, Hulyet, Kinderlech
  • One Sunday Morning
  • Yamschchik Gani-Ka K Yaru Mangwani Mpuele
  • Kum Aher Du Filozof
  • Ken Yovdu
  • Padrushka Milaya

The Travelers 3 Open House

Sleeve:Open House

Elektra EKL 226 (Mono) EKS 7226 (Stereo)

  • Katy Cruel
  • Swing Down
  • Kahlua
  • Meeting At The Building
  • Black Girl
  • Scratch
  • Johnny With The Bandy Legs
  • Black Is The Color
  • Tanga Tika
  • Timber
  • Mrs McGrath
  • Almost Done

Juan Serrano Olé La Mano

Sleeve:Olé La Mano

Elektra EKL 227 (Mono) EKS 7227 (Stereo)

  • Bulerias
  • Tarantas
  • Seoul Rlyas
  • Granadinas
  • Aires De Huelva
  • Zambra
  • Ale-Grias
  • Zapateado
  • Soleares

Oscar Brand A Snow Job For Skiers

Sleeve:A Snow Job For Skiers

Elektra EKL 228 (Mono) EKS 7228 (Stereo)

  • Why The Hell Do We Ski
  • Skier's Proposition
  • Ski Racks And Boot Sacks
  • Old Ski Tow
  • Ballad Of The Snow Bunny
  • Ski Instructor Back To Town
  • Come Along Boys
  • Roll Your Leg Over
  • Summit Ski Meet
  • Hills Of West Virginia
  • Stretch Pants Lament
  • Skier's Daydream

La Societe De Musique D'Autrefois Treasury of Music of the Renaissance

Sleeve:Treasury of Music of the Renaissance

Elektra EKL 229 (Mono)

  • Tuba Gallicalis
  • Triste Plaisir Et Douleureuse
  • Deul Angoisseux Rage Demesuree
  • Les Doleurs Dont Me Sens
  • Donnes L'assault A La Forteres
  • Mort J'Appelle De Ta Rigueur
  • Puce Lotte
  • Epitaphe De L'Amant Vert
  • Ne Doibt-On Prendre
  • Dit Le Bourguignon
  • O Rosa Bella
  • Perla Mya
  • Coda Di Volpe
  • Frottole
  • Vol Che Passate
  • Non Peccando Altri Che'l Core
  • Ostinato Vo Seguire
  • La Alfonsina
  • Che Fa La Ramacina
  • Occhi Miei
  • Morte Che Fai
  • La Morra
  • Gentil Mareschal
  • Mirelari Don
  • Il Me Suffit De Tous Mes Maulx
  • Dances Of The 16th Century
  • Mignonne
  • Je Ne Desire Que La Mort
  • Seconde Fantaisie
  • Pieces For Brass Instruments
  • Courante
  • Allemande
  • Come Again Sweet Love
  • I Saw My Lady Weep
  • Fine Knacks For Ladies
  • Though Your Strangeness Frets
  • The King Of Denmark's Galliard
  • Sir Henry Umpton's Funeral
  • Sweet Kate
  • Up Merry Mates

'Bonus-Pak' double album.

Theodore Bikel Theodore Bikel On Tour

Sleeve:Theodore Bikel On Tour

Elektra EKL 230 (Mono) EKS 7230 (Stereo)

  • Polyushka
  • She Was Poor But She Was Honest
  • J'ai Perdu Le Do
  • Ti N'avto
  • Que Bonita
  • Hassade Netse
  • Az A Sze P
  • Tshiribim
  • El Burro
  • Doina (Peulita)
  • Pakom Pakom
  • Zvyozdochka
  • Yankele
  • Three Translation Professors
  • Chapt Un Nemt

Judy Henske Judy Henske

Sleeve:Judy Henske

Elektra EKL 231 (Mono) EKS 7231 (Stereo)

Released: 1963

Production: Mark Abramson

  • Low Down Alligator
  • Empty Bed Blues
  • Ballad Of Little Romy
  • Wade In The Water
  • Hooka Tooka
  • I Know You Rider
  • Lily Langtree
  • Lilac Wine
  • Love Henry
  • Every Night When The Sun Goes In
  • Salvation Army Song

The Dillards Back Porch Bluegrass

Sleeve:Back Porch Bluegrass

Elektra EKL 232 (Mono) EKS 7232 (Stereo)

Released: 1963

Production: James Dickson

  • Old Joseph
  • Somebody Touched Me
  • Polly Vaughn
  • Banjo In The Hollow
  • Dooley
  • Lonesome Indian
  • Ground Hog
  • Old Home Place
  • Hickory Hollow
  • Old Man At The Mill
  • Doug's Tune
  • Rainin' Here This Mornin'
  • Cold Trailin'
  • Reuben's Train
  • Duelin' Banjo

'Duelin' Banjo' is the famous 'Dueling Banjos' tune from the movie 'Deliverance'. UK release was on Bounty BY6019.

Dián and The Greenbriar Boys Dián and The Greenbriar Boys

Sleeve:Dián and The Greenbriar Boys

Elektra EKL 233 (Mono) EKS 7233 (Stereo)

Released: 1963

  • Sally Let Your Bangs Hang Down
  • Alabama Bound
  • He Was A Friend
  • Green Corn
  • Cannonball Blues
  • Giving Everything Away
  • Tragic Romance
  • Sweet Willie
  • Brown' s Ferry Blues
  • Tramp on the Street
  • Precious Lord
  • Master's Bouquet
  • If I Were Free

Kimio Eto Art Of The Koto - The Music Of Japan

Sleeve:Art Of The Koto - The Music Of Japan

Elektra EKL 234 (Mono) EKS 7234 (Stereo)

Released: 1963

Production: Mark Abramson and Jac Holzman

  • Sakura, Sakura (Cherry Blossoms)
  • Yuki no Genso (Snow Fantasy)
  • Hachidan no Shirabe (Variations in Eight Steps)
  • Three Children's Songs
  • Yaciyo Jishi (Lion of Eight Thousand Generations)
  • Izumi (A Spring)

Classical string instrument from Japan. The 3 childrens songs are: Temari Tsuki (Bouncing a Ball), Kakurembo (Hide and seek) and Kisha Gokko (The Train Game). Engineering - Michael Scott Productions.

Juan Serrano Flamenco Fenomenon

Sleeve:Flamenco Fenomenon

Elektra EKL 235 (Mono) EKS 7235 (Stereo)

Released: 1963

  • Flamenco Variations on Autumn Leaves
  • Amina
  • Bolero
  • Memories of Peru
  • Alma
  • Caracoles
  • Rhumba Ruca
  • La Caña
  • Flamenco Impressions Of New York

The Travellers 3 Live! Live! Live!

Sleeve:Live! Live! Live!

Elektra EKL 236 (Mono) EKS 7236 (Stereo)

Released: 1963

Production: Jac Holzman and Mark Abramson

  • Fargo Lines
  • Run, Come, See Jerusalem
  • Puttin' On The Agony
  • Sylvie
  • Versatile Rooster
  • Lonesome Traveler
  • Spring Song
  • Man Smart
  • Julianne
  • Winsboro Cottonmill Blues
  • Village Of New York
  • Cotton Fields

'Recorded Live at Doug Weston's Troubadour in Hollywood'.

Oscar Brand and his Sand Trappers Songs Fore Golfers

Sleeve:Songs Fore Golfers

Elektra EKL 237 (Mono) EKS 7237 (Stereo)

Released: 1963

  • Fore
  • Glorious
  • Faust
  • Larceny On The Links
  • Golf Widow
  • Ninteenth Hole
  • Gamesmanship
  • No Balls At All
  • Impedimenta
  • Legacy Of The Scots
  • Bad Day At Piping Rock
  • My Caddy
  • Golf Bum
  • Old Golfers Never Die

Eric Weissberg and Marshall Brickman New Dimensions In Banjo And Bluegrass

Sleeve:New Dimensions In Banjo And Bluegrass

Elektra EKL 238 (Mono) EKS 7238 (Stereo)

Released: 1963

  • Shuckin' The Corn
  • Pony Express
  • No Title Yet Blues
  • Old Joe Clark
  • Eight More Miles To Louisville
  • Farewell Blues
  • Little Maggie
  • Black Rock Turnpike
  • Earl's Breakdown
  • Reuben's Train
  • Riding The Waves
  • Fire On The Mountain
  • Eighth Of January
  • Bugle Call Rag
  • Hard Ain't It Hard
  • Mountain Dew
  • Buffalo Gals
  • Rawhide

Later reissued on Warner Bros (BS 2683) with the addition of 'Dueling Banjos' as the 'Soundtrack' of the movie of the same name!

Bob Gibson Where I'm Bound

Sleeve:Where I'm Bound

Elektra EKL 239 (Mono) EKS 7239 (Stereo)

Released: 1964

Production: Jac Holzman and Mark Abramson

  • Where I'm Bound
  • The Waves Roll Out
  • 12-String Guitar Rag
  • Wastin' Your Time
  • The New Frankie And Johnnie Song
  • Foghorn
  • Baby I'm Gone Again
  • Farewell My Honey, Cindy Jane
  • Some Old Woman
  • Stella's Got A New Dress
  • The Town Crier's Song
  • What You Gonna Do
  • Betsy From Pike
  • Fare Thee Well

Koerner Ray & Glover Blues Rags and Hollers

Sleeve:Blues Rags and Hollers

Elektra EKL 240 (Mono)

Released: November 1963

Production: Paul Nelson

  • Linin' Track
  • Ramblin' Blues
  • It's All Right
  • Hangman
  • Down To Louisiana
  • Bugger Burns
  • Creepy John
  • Sun's Wail
  • One Kind Favor
  • Go Down Ol' Hannah
  • Good Time Charlie
  • Banjo Thing
  • Stop That Thing
  • Snaker's Here
  • Low Down Rounder
  • Jimmy Bell

Elektra licensed these recordings from Audiophile Records. Their original catalogue number was Audiophile AP-78 released June 1963 using the same cover photo as the Elektra reissue. Re-released on CD by Red House Records (RHR CD 76) in Feb 1995. The CD includes the whole of the album as recorded in stereo. The orginal recordings were rather long to be cut effectively onto vinyl so Jac had to snip a couple of tracks out and issue the LP in mono. The ones that originally got away were: 'Ted Mack Rag', 'Dust My Broom', 'Too Bad' and 'Mumblin' Word'. There is a trace of 'Panoramic Stereo' on the front cover paper so Elektra might have initially thought they would issue a stereo edition: but they didn't.

Judy Henske High Flying Bird

Sleeve:High Flying Bird

Elektra EKL 241 (Mono) EKS 7241 (Stereo)

Released: 1964

Production: Jac Holzman

  • High Flying Bird
  • Buckeye Jim
  • Till The Real Thing Comes Along
  • Oh, You Engineer
  • Baltimore Oriole
  • Columbus Stockade
  • Blues Chase Up A Rabbit
  • Lonely Train
  • Duncan and Brady
  • God Bless The Child
  • Good Old Wagon
  • You Are Not My First Love
  • Charlotte Town

Oscar Brand and the Short Arms Cough - Army Songs out of the Barracks Bag

Sleeve:Cough - Army Songs out of the Barracks Bag

Elektra EKL 242 (Mono) EKS 7242 (Stereo)

Released: 1963

  • Enemy Generals On Parade
  • Hinky Die
  • Hearse Song
  • Man Behind The Armor-Plate
  • Ballad Of Anzio
  • Paratrooper Song
  • Benny Havens
  • Quartermaster Corps
  • We're Moving On
  • Caisson Song
  • Infiltration Course
  • Messkit Song
  • Goddamn Reserves
  • Shannadore

Judy Collins Judy Collins No: 3

Sleeve:Judy Collins No: 3

Elektra EKL 243 (Mono) EKS 7243 (Stereo)

Released: 1963

Production: Mark Abramson and Jac Holzman

  • Anathea
  • Bullgine Run
  • Farewell
  • Hey Nelly Nelly
  • Ten O'Clock All Is Well
  • The Dove
  • Masters Of War
  • In The Hills Of Shiloh
  • The Bells Of Rhymney
  • Deportee (Plane Wreck at Los Gatos)
  • Settle Down
  • Come Away Melinda
  • Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There is a Season)

Turn! Turn! Turn! bears the credit Ecclesiastes/Seeger: Pete always did credit his sources. Looking closer on the credits you find that Jim McGuinn is listed as arranger for almost the whole album and plays second guitar and banjo.

Rey De La Torre 20th Century Music For the Guitar

Sleeve:20th Century Music For the Guitar

Elektra EKL 244 (Mono)

Released: 1964

  • Variations on a theme By Milan (Joaquin Nin-Culmell)
  • Zarabanda Lejana (Joaquin Rodrigo)
  • Homenaje a Debussy (Manuel de Falla)
  • Preludio y Tocata (Julián Orbón)
  • Torre Bermeja (Isaac Albinez)
  • Leyenda (Isaac Albinez)
  • La Maja De Goya (Enrique Granados)
  • Spanish Dance no 5 (Enrique Granados)

Released by arrangement with Sylvan Shulman and Philharmonia Records. This was presumably a reissue of an out-of-print disc.

Dick Rosmini Adventures For 12 String, 6 String and Banjo

Sleeve:Adventures For 12 String, 6 String and Banjo

Elektra EKL 245 (Mono) EKS 7245 (Stereo)

Released: 1964

Production: Jac Holzman

Engineering: Mark Abramson

Recorded: Whitney Studios, Los Angeles

Side 1

  • Little Brown Dog
  • Nine Hundred Miles To Go
  • Casey
  • Joshua
  • Shady Grove
  • Improvisation for 12 String
  • St James Drag
  • Macedonian Rag

Side 2

  • John Hardy
  • Two Shady Ladies in 3/4 Time
  • Jelly Roll
  • Picker's Medley
  • Goin' Baroque
  • Sweet Substitute
  • Freight Train
  • Sadie
  • Minstrel Boy

The Even Dozen Jug Band The Even Dozen Jug Band

Sleeve:The Even Dozen Jug Band

Elektra EKL 246 (Mono) EKS 7246 (Stereo)

Released: 1964

Production: Paul A Rothchild and Jac Holzman

  • Take Your Fingers Off It
  • Come On In
  • Mandolin King Rag
  • Overseas Stomp
  • Evolution Mama
  • The Even Dozens
  • I Don't Love Nobody
  • Rag Mama
  • France Blues
  • On The Road Again
  • Original Colossal Drag Rag
  • All Worn Out
  • Lonely One In This Town
  • Sadie Green

UK release on Bounty BY6023. This band included some people who later went on to 'greater' things ... John Sebastian, Maria Muldaur (appearing here as Maria D'Amato), Steve Katz, Stefan Grossman and Joshua Rifkin.

Fred Engelberg The Songs Of Fred Engelberg

Sleeve:The Songs Of Fred Engelberg

Elektra EKL 247 (Mono)

Released: 1964

  • Hangman Song
  • Candy Man is Made of Tin
  • Longshoreman Song
  • Deep Red the Wine
  • Everybody Talkin' Bout Jesus
  • Nobody Talkin' Bout Joe
  • Moonlight on the Prison Bars
  • Crawdad Hole
  • Somebody Finked to the Fuzz
  • Wiskers the Catfish
  • Time Keeps Tick Tocking Away
  • Gypsy Woman
  • Murky Eye
  • Four Hundred O'Clock in the Morning
  • Funk

Vince Martin and Fred Neil Tear Down The Walls

Sleeve:Tear Down The Walls

Elektra EKL 248 (Mono) EKS 7248 (Stereo)

Released: 1964

Production: Paul A Rothchild

Recorded: Mastertone Studios, New York

  • I Know You Rider
  • Red Flowers
  • Tear Down The Walls
  • Weary Blues
  • Toy Balloon
  • Baby
  • Morning Dew
  • I'm a Drifter
  • Linin' Track
  • Wild Child in a World of Trouble
  • Dade County Jail
  • I Got 'em
  • Lonesome Valley

This was Fred Neil's first album. Elektra seem to have assumed that Fred would fare better own his own and the pairing with Vince Martin wasn't repeated. This was also an indication of the rise of the singer-songwriter and Fred certainly wrote excellent songs, although he was at his best as a pop song writer rather than folk. ('Everybody's Talking' from the soundtrack of 'Midnight Cowboy' was a worldwide hit but sung by Harry Nilsson.) Exellent video on about this album.

The Irish Ramblers The Patriot Game

Sleeve:The Patriot Game

Elektra EKL 249 (Mono) EKS 7249 (Stereo)

Released: 1964

Production: Jac Holzman

  • Sean South From Garryowen
  • Among The Heather
  • Follow me up to Carlow
  • Whiskey In The Jar
  • Bonny Wee Girl
  • Captain Freeney
  • Jig Medley: Miss Bennett/Kenmuir's a' an' awa Willie/Tobin's Favourite
  • The Patroit Game
  • Mormond Braes
  • Mountains Of Pomeroy
  • Rothsay-O
  • Moving Cloud Reel
  • The Woman From Wexford
  • Reynard The Fox

Sleeve credits say 'The Irish Ramblers would like to express their appreciation to Jim McGuinn for his help in preparing these songs for recording'.