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Assorted musings and documents

As I have been slowly accumulating a few papers, stories and articles and the like I have put them together on this section of the ATSF site. Enjoy, agree, disagree ... I may even add a correspondence column.

Apollo 11 videotapes

A technical look at the video sent back from Apollo 11 in 1969, written in 2008.

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BBC Domesday Project

A British interactive video project of giant proportions published back in 1986 and then resurrected in 2003.

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A personal momento of the 1918 armistice from my grandfather's wartime diary.

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SF Stories

Science Fiction short stories.

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Digital Media Project

Musings triggered by Leonardo Chiarigione's 2003 venture.

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Discussion of various aspects of the British Broadcasting Corporation submitted for a charter renewal consultation and still with relevance today.

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