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The Elektra 'Master' Discography

Andy Finney's definitive Elektra Discography and passion for the zeitgeist of the label has made him the world's most knowledgeable preservationist of Elektra's history. Andy remembers what I've forgotten.  With the devotion of the true zealot Andy has lavished the love and attention on this project that I strove for in our recordings on Elektra..
This 'Master Discography' is the only definitive web site I use to augment my own memory.  It is by far the best.
Signed: Jac Holzman, Founder of Elektra Records and  First Chairman, 1950-1973

This discography attempts to list all Elektra Records albums and EPs (and those on associated labels except Nonesuch) during the period when Jac Holzman ran the label. This is from 1950 to about mid-1973.

For convenience the listing is divided up into numerical series. This is a work-in-progress and so not all the discography has sleeve images on line as yet and there are some gaps in the listings (notably in the promotional discs - let me know if you can fill them) and I need to add a search facility of course.

Firstly, congratulations to Jac Holzman for his induction into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame: fittingly, a recipient of the Ahmet Ertegun Award. I also highly recommend an hour-long video interview with Jac by Lenny Kaye and, itself, part of the Elektra 60 web site.

The listings

  1. EKLP1 and the 10-inch series
  2. 100, 200 and 300 series
    1. 099 - 149
    2. 150 - 199
    3. 200 - 249
    4. 250 - 299
    5. 300 - 326
  3. 4000 series
    1. 4000 - 4049
    2. 4050 - 4099
    3. 4100 - 74115
  1. 5000 series
    1. 5000 - 5049
    2. 5050 - 5082
  2. Other US releases, samplers and promotional discs
  3. UK Elektra releases and subsidiary labels
    1. Elektra UK
    2. Bounty (UK)
    3. Dandelion (US)
    4. Countryside
    5. Crestview
    6. Checkmate
  4. Holzman Years box-set compilations
  5. Forever Changing: the Golden Age of Elektra 1963-1973
  6. FAQ

For the inside track on the early history of Elektra you should read Jac's book 'Follow the Music': more info on the book web site. Jawbone Press published a new book on the Holzman years of Elektra on September 1st. It's called Becoming Elektra, written by Mick Houghton and with album sleeves courtesy of this discography ... highly recommended for all Elektraphiles.You can order from and (and other good booksellers ... but buying through these links helps support this site).

There is an extensive listing of Elektra and its associated labels on Mike Callaghan's extensive Both Sides Now web site. Much of the early information there came from my discography for 'Follow the Music' but whereas I stop in 1973 the BSN listing continues. You should also check out the Elektra information in the Record Collector's Guild Wiki as they have some useful info on labels including illustrations. The business section of the eNotes web site has a good summary of the company history, including an interesting analysis sidebar 'Company Perspective'. This piece seems to predate the 'closure' of the label.

... and, of course, there is the real Elektra Records web site, reborn in May 2009 in a new guise with a recognition of its past, now including an amazing interactive timeline! Jac Holzman is involved again, and of course he is chairman of Warner's eLabel venture called Cordless.

If you are interested in Nonesuch Records then here are links to Karl-Michael Schneider's listing and Discog's listing of Nonesuch albums. (These open in a new window.) The Discogs listing leads to track lists as well but it covers multiple versions of albums with multiple numbers so needs a bit of interpretation.

I've been considering great albums/artists who 'should have been on Elektra' but weren't. Try this Amazon list for size.

Thanks for help to fellow Elektra-lights Bill Harvey Jnr, Clive Selwood, Pat Gillespie, Adrian Figgess (who actually came up with a Bounty catalogue!), John Tobler, Cary Ginell, Cosmo Chinappi and Michael Liss.

My thanks to Jac Holzman for his friendship, inspiration and support and to Elektra Records for their kind permission allowing me to reproduce album covers and other art work on this web site.

Copyright and sui generis database rights in the discography on this web site are owned by Andy Finney/ATSF and may not be reproduced without written permission. All images are copyright Elektra Records, all rights reserved. The 'E' device, the butterfly, the seated guitar player and similar are trademarks of Elektra Records and are acknowledged.